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Corrupted Gauntlet Service (HCIM/EIM Insurance)


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I've noticed recently there has been a sudden spike in people looking for Corrupted Gauntlet services however nobody that really offers this service; 


A) Offers any form of protection to the user of they die on their accounts (HCIM/EIM)

B) Does not play enough for it to actually be worth your time to pay them for the service

C) Don't show anything to prove that they're able to do the content efficiently 


I am experienced with Corrupted Gauntlet on Hardcore Ironmen and have completed it on 2 of my own hardcore accounts and have attached proof below.


What separates my service from others is that I offer protection to Hardcores and Elite ironmen accounts.

If I were to die on your account due to a mistake I will fully reimburse your donator rank with scrolls either onto the dead account or onto a new one (upto a maximum of extreme, $250)

I am beyond confident in my skills to not die on your accounts due to a fault of my own and I screen record the whole time I'm doing Gauntlet, I am the first and only service to offer compensation to customers if it goes wrong.

I also play the game A LOT more than the average user, sometimes up to 15-16 hours per day and a typical minimum of 8-10 hours so your service will be completed fast and you won't be waiting 2 weeks for your 20 corrupted gauntlet order like some other services. 




Corrupted Gauntlet Not Paying For Drops: 35M Each
Corrupted Gauntlet Paying For Drops: 25M Each



I am one of the more expensive services however you get a premium, fast service with no waiting around for people who have families, jobs and other commitments which they prioritise over your order.

I have completed CG where I have over 300 ping with zero deaths on any accounts.

I have been apart of the Zaros community before it's release being an initial beta tester and I still have that role today due to my extensive level of experience.

You also get a full reimbursement of your donator rank if I were to die on your account which will save your money in the long run using these bad pvmers to do CG for you.



My CG Logs:





Contact me on Discord: Baker#2935

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