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Hallowed Sepulchre Tweaks


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Here some ideas to make Sepulchre less painful (also make it more OSRS-like)


1.) Increase Grand Coffin loot success rate: Now, it takes like 10 tries on average to successfully loot the Grand coffin (Floor 5). It is not like that in OSRS and I do not see the reason why it would be like that. 


2.) Make it possible to leave the fenced area (grand coffin area) on floor 5 through the door you have entered it. Currently, you get the message "You don't see a reason to go back that way." It would speed things up (by a tiny bit) if you could leave the area through that gate. Also it is like that in OSRS.


3.) Fix the flying swords. Here im not sure if this is possible at all, but when the swords arrive at their destination, they are still able to hit you. In OSRS, it is so that when they stand still, they do not hurt you. Fixing this would make the experience more fluent and OSRS alike. Stopping at those Swords is a bit tedious.



4.) If those things are not fixable: increase the XP reward by like 10-15%. Compared to Ardy course its almost not worth doing, even if getting 6:30 average runs. First 3 things fixed, this XP buff would not be needed since combined those would increase the XP slightly.


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