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Zaros Updates - Tombs of Amascut


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Good Morning, Zaros!
Today's update introduces the long-awaited Raids III : Tombs of Amascut. Before diving in, have a read over our patch notes listed and let us know what you think!
Tombs of Amascut:
  • Teleport available in the "Minigames" section of the teleporter.
  • No prerequisites to start a raid.
  • Overview:
    • Throughout development, we've striven to keep all mechanics 1:1 with Oldschool Runescape. Players may use similar tactics described in videos and guides to complete the raid. Invocations, scaling, and path levels all function correctly and will greatly change the difficulty and mechanics of the raid.
    • This activity is unsafe for hardcore ironmen.
  • Drop Rates/Points:
    • Drop rates for unique item rates, pet rates, and common reward quantity use a "point" system. In simple terms, this functions similar to CoX in that the more points you rack up the better chance you have for rewards.
    • Points earned on Zaros are boosted by a base amount of 40%. Players will have opportunities in future updates to further boost points earned through the town board and scrolls in the voting store. If you're a math savvy player and would like to read more about the point system, you can visit this in-depth article written by Jagex. There is also a loot calculator on the OSRS Wiki (note: this shows OSRS rates)
    • Drop rates for keris jewels and thread of elidinis are not based on the point system. Because of this, we have reduced their rates by 50% (compared to OSRS)
    • We encourage players to have a quick read over this article on loot mechanics. This breaks down weightings for unique items, tertiary rewards, and raid prerequisites for rolling untradeables like pet metamorphs and ornamental kits.
  • New Items/Rewards:
    • Tumeken's Shadow
      • Two-handed powered staff. Passive effect in which the player's magic attack bonus and magic damage are multiplied by three from the player's worn equipment (four within the Tombs of Amascut); the magic damage increase from this is capped at a total of 100% Magic Strength.
    • Masori Equipment
      • New best-in-slot range gear surpassing Armadyl armour for attack bonuses. can also be upgraded into a fortified variant with Armadyl plates, increasing the Defence level required to equip it to 80, offering increased defensive bonuses and a +1 prayer bonus, which in turn makes it surpass Armadyl armour's defensive bonuses
    • Elidinis' Ward
      • The ward can be fortified by attaching an arcane sigil to the ward, creating a fortified variant; doing so requires level 90 Prayer, 90 Smithing, and 10,000 soul runes, granting 260 experience in both skills in the process. Players cannot pay Abbot Langley to restore the ward, though he can remove the sigil from an arcane spirit shield.
    • Osmumten's fang
      • The fang has two unique passive effects which aim to make it effective against targets with high Defence levels and more consistent overall: re-rolling accuracy on an unsuccessful hit and making damage rolls closer to the average. The special combat mechanics are described in more detail below.
    • Lightbearer
      • Having no requirements to wear, the ring regenerates the player's special attack energy twice as fast at 15 seconds per 10%, or 150 seconds per 100%. Equipping or unequipping the ring will cause the special attack energy restoration timer to reset.
    • Thread of Elidinis
      • Can be used on a rune pouch to create a divine rune pouch, which can store four types of runes instead of three.
    • Keris Jewels
      • Breach of the scarab
      • Eye of the corruptor
      • Jewel of the sun
    • Tumeken's Guardian (pet)
      • 89 Rating
      • A pet perk will be added on the following update after the pet rarity is determined.
      • There are also 5 untradeable items dropped from the raid that further metamorph the pet. Read more about them and their requirements here.
    • Cursed phalanx
      • Ornament kit that can be used on Osmumten's fang. In order to receive one, players must complete a raid at level 500+ with zero deaths for all party members.
    • Menaphite ornament kit
      • Ornament kit that can be used on Elidinis' ward(f). In order to receive one, players must complete a raid at level 425+ with zero deaths for all party members.
    • Masori crafting kit
      • Ornament kit that can be used on Ava's assembler. In order to receive one, players must complete a raid at level 350+ with zero deaths for all party members.
  • Resources/Helpful Videos:
  • A big thank you goes out to our beta team for their continuous testing over the past month.
Tombs of Amascut - Release Competition:
  • We've got tons of prizes up for grabs!  There is no restriction to how many prizes an individual player may win.  All cash prizes can be claimed as Zaros Credits instead.
    • First player to get Tumeken's Guardian (pet)
      • $100 or $150 Zaros Credits - Winner: Crazyren
    • First Hardcore/Elite Hardcore Ironman to achieve 25 Solo Regular (or Expert) mode completions
      • $100 or $150 Zaros Credits - Winner: Free Willy
    • First player to get Tumeken's Shadow
      • $100 or $150 Zaros Credits - Winner: Fernandez
    • First player to obtain all three keris jewels
      • $100 or $150 Zaros Credits - Winner: Crazyren
    • Best solo challenge time after 30 days for entry, regular, and expert mode
      • $50 per mode
  • Take a screenshot of your collection log/ToA killcount and message "Hope#4103" on discord to claim your prize.
  • As previously discussed, the mobile client has been removed as of this update. We're looking into solutions to bring the mobile client back and hopefully we'll have some more news on this soon.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • The keris partisan can be obtained from the slayer rewards store for 150 points.
  • Spirit shields can now be dismantled by speaking to Abbot Langley in the Edgeville Monastary.
  • Probita will now insure all pets free of charge automatically upon being obtained. Players will still be required to pay a fee to re-claim the pet should they lose it.
  • The Duel Arena map has been updated to match the arenas on OSRS. Original interfaces and mechanics for the staking system have been unchanged.
  • Players with 99 slayer can now obtain a task from any slayer master, regardless of their combat level.
Patch Notes (December 1st):
  • Tombs of Amascut:
    • Akkha:
      • Resolved some pathing issues preventing Akkha from reaching players
      • Can no longer be frozen.
      • Now hits through player's prayer by about 10%.
      • Players will stop combat whenever Akkha teleports in the last phase.
    • BaBa:
      • Banana peels will now lock you in place for 2 ticks less than before.
      • Rolling stones will now clear immediately upon killing them.
      • Thralls no longer disrupt the rolling stones attack.
    • Kephri:
      • Timing changes have been made to the dung/aerial fireball attack so they are 1:1 with OSRS
      • Reduced the amount of healing that the soldier scarab does.
      • Chinchompas will now hit their maximum damage on swarms.
    • Zebak (puzzle):
      • Run energy is now restored by 25 when filling your container from a waterfall. Note: You must have less than 50 run energy for this to happen.
    • Zebak:
      • Blood clouds will no longer spawn during a special attack.
      • Implemented new spawn mechanics for poison pools during the roar attack. This will ensure poison is always around boulders and ensure jugs always have a path to remove poison.
      • Boulders can no longer spawn on the same y-axis.
      • If poison lands on you, the hit will now only be "2" prior to further higher damage being dealt.
      • Reduced damage amount for blood barrage attack.
    • Warden (challenge):
      • The ejected core will no longer be outside of the fight area
      • Warden can no longer be frozen.
    • Warden (boss):
      • Fixed players not being able to move after coming back to the boss after a team wipe.
      • Keris partisan of the sun now works on energy siphons.
    • Tumeken's shadow is now tradeable
    • Nectar potions now reduce combat stats by the proper amount.
    • Added dismantle option for the masori assembler.
    • The masori crafting kit can now be directly used on an assembler max cape.
    • Killcounts are now displayed in the collection log.
    • Fixed adrenaline and salt potion timers.
    • Added animation preloading. This will hopefully reduce lag while in the raid.
    • Honey locusts given on team wipe will now be dropped to the ground if your inventory is full.
    • Made revisions to supply categories.
    • You will now receive a warning prior to entering a room if you have unclaimed supplies from the helpful spirit.
    • Added the resupply option to the supplies sack.
    • Osmumten's fang will now deal full damage to corporeal beast.
    • Purple sweets can no longer be used in the raid with the "on a diet" invocation.
  • Fixed item interaction with certain npcs (most notably the tool leprechaun at weiss)
  • Fixed item pickup issues with the rune pouch.
  • Fixed/added new revenant cave entrances and exits.
  • Fixed not being able to withdraw certain items from the POH costume storage.
  • Fixed interaction options for Aubury in varrock.
  • You can now use uninsured pets on Probita to insure them for free.
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  • Developer
1 hour ago, Vladdo said:

Wait so are pets no auto insured?

Old pets you have obtained in the past and have chosen to not insure with the old system need to be insured. Pets you gain from this update going forward are auto-insured.

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