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Zaros Updates - Santa is here


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Good Morning, Zaros!
Today's update features a limited time holiday event, changes to tombs of amascut, and an array of changes/fixes. Have a read through the notes and let us know what you think!
Holiday Events:
  • The holiday is upon us! Santa has sent his Squire into town to hand out presents to the citizens of Zaros, but he has to wrap them first! Gather wrapping paper by participating in skilling, pvm, minigames, and the town board and trade them to Santa's Squire in exchange for presents.
    • 200 wrapping paper is required per present
    • Christmas Present Contents:
      • Limited time Purple and Inverted Purple Santa Hat. Similar to the green ones handed out last year, these will not be easily obtainable after this event ends.
      • Resources, coins, bonus scrolls, bonus xp, instance tokens, crystal keys, and slayer task skip scrolls.
      • Coal
    • Wrapping paper will continue to drop until January 3rd, 2023 at 12pm UTC
    • Using any third party software to keep your account online and actively training in order to receive wrapping paper will result in immediate punishment.
  • Players may gather snow from piles near Santa's Squire and throw them at fellow players.
  • Random Drop Parties will be hosted throughout the end of year containing other new and old holiday items such as the snowman ring, festive elf hat/slippers, and gingerbread shields.
Tombs of Amascut:
  • Fixed Osmumten's fang special attack not rolling accuracy twice.
  • Osmumten's fang (or) is no longer tradeable.
  • Akkha:
    • Can no longer place mirrors on top of each other.
    • Fixed the detonate attack dealing multiple hits per impact.
    • Special attacks should no longer occur back to back and instead be unique from the last.
    • Will no longer perform special attacks when entering the final stand phase.
  • BaBa:
    • Rubble should no longer be spammed under rare occasions.
    • Fixed a safespot caused by incorrect boulder locations.
  • Zebak:
    • Fixed poison splats sometimes overlapping each other causing "invisible poison" on the ground.
  • Tweaked the chaos supply category and the effects dehydration had on giving ambrosia, tears, and smelling salts.
  • Added two new achievements:
    • ELITE - Complete the Tombs of Amascut 25 times with a raid level of 150 or higher
    • MASTER - Complete the Tombs of amascut with a raid level of 550 or higher without any deaths (from anyone on the team)
  • Base bonus point boost has been reduced from 40% to 35%
  • Town Board Unlock (level 115) - Grants a 10% bonus points
    • CoX and ToB unlocks have been each moved up 5 levels. We feel the ToA unlock should come before both of these. The maximum town board level is now 125.
  • Tumeken's Guardian Perk - Grants a 5% bonus points
  • Fixed old or expired parties showing up on the party list interface.
  • More information will be available soon on the return of the mobile android client. Keep an eye on discord!
  • If a player reaches 200m experience in any skill and has not yet obtained the pet for that skill, they will receive a 15% pet drop rate boost for that skill.
  • Agility:
    • The rate for giant squirrel has been buffed by 30%. This also applies to earning it from the Hallowed Sepulchre.
  • Fishing:
    • Fixed the auto-cut feature not working at aerial-fishing.
    • Fixed the runelite plugin.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Fixed not being able to make cadantine blood potions (unf)
  • Fixed the dwarf multicannon plugin
  • Fixed count draynor not spawning in the vampyre slayer quest
  • Fixed not being able to use tinderbox on existing logs spawned on the ground.
  • The jar of darkness had its rate updated to match osrs (1/200 from previous 1/2500)
  • Your combat will now be stopped when being teleported by an abyssal demon.
  • Fixed alchemical hydra, jad, and mimic global speed records. These have all been reset.
  • Fixed eternal slayer ring not requiring players to have the unlock.
  • Re-added wizard jalarast at the wizard tower.
  • Fixed the grubby chest and pickpocketing not updating the collection log.
  • When receiving a pet from the Gauntlet, the game will now display the proper mode you completed.
  • Fixed zulrah recoil immunity applying to normal mode.
  • You can now disable the "Stop the Wyvern" slayer unlock.
  • Fixed the shadow veil runelite timer not working.
  • Corrected armour destruction mechanics for the animation room of the warriors's guild:
    • Bronze: Chance for Random piece
    • Iron: Chance for Platelegs
    • Steel: Chance for Full Helm
    • Black+: No pieces destroyed
  • You can now cook curry on ranges.
  • Fixed the draynor manor easy clue not showing on runelite.
  • Fixed issues with the coal bag not working while the bank is open. Additionally, when using the coal bag while the bank is open it will now take the maximum amount directly out of the bank.
  • You can now pay farmers to remove calquat trees.
  • Fixed the "Show boss health overlay" setting not working.
  • You can now store avernic defenders in the stash unit at the Warriors Guild.
  • Fixed not being able to make the Skull Sceptre.
  • Brine sabre and the last man standing section have been removed from the collection log.
  • Added new combat items to GIM storage placeholders.
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21 hours ago, Kit Fist U said:

Would be cool if post 200m xp you still got the 15% boost for a duplicate pet.


Would be a nice endgame way to farm pet tokens.

Looks good!



Realistically if you're at end game & need pet tokens you would just buy them using vote tokens or TB points. ?

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Just now, TEKASHI said:

Realistically if you're at end game & need pet tokens you would just buy them using vote tokens or TB points. ?

I agree, the bonus should only apply if you have not received it. With all the perks and bonuses we have it would've just been abused.

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