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Zaros Updates - Giants Foundry


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  • Developer
Good Morning, Zaros!
Today's update features a new smithing minigame (Giants' Foundry) alongside tons of QOL and bug fixes. Have a read over the update notes below and let us know what you think of the changes made.
Giants' Foundry:
  • New smithing minigame where you are tasked with creating giant weapons using machinery around the foundry. Can be reached via the Zaros teleporter.
  • How to play:
    • Setup:
      1. Receive a new commission from Kovac
      2. Setup a mould via the mould jig next to Kovac. You'll want to choose the highest scoring mould combination possible.
      3. Deposit 28 bars worth of metal into the crucible. You can also deposit weapons and armour smithed from bars (such as platebodies, platelegs, ect) however they will each be worth one less bar than it takes to make them.
      4. Pour the crucible into the mould jig, then pick up the preform.
    • Refinement:
      1. You must keep track of both the temperature gauge and progress bars at all times to ensure quality of the sword is not lost.
      2. Temperature of the preform will slowly cool over time. To increase or decrease the temperature manually, you may dunk the preform in the nearby waterfall or lava pool to obtain the desired temperature.
      3. While your progress bar is on the red bar  - you must have a hot sword (red temperature zone) and use the trip hammer. Temperature of the sword will drastically cool down as this tool is used.
      4. While your progress bar is on the yellow bar - you must have a medium sword (yellow temperature  zone) and use the grindstone. Temperature of the sword will drastically heat up as this tool is used.
      5. While your progress bar is on the green bar - you must have a cool sword (green temperature zone) and use the polishing wheel. Temperature of the sword will drastically cool down as this tool is used.
    • Hand-In:
      • After your sword progress is at 100% you may hand it into Kovac in exchange for experience, coins, and points towards the foundry shop.
  • Rewards:
    • Double ammo mould - create double the amount of cannonballs from steel bars. The donator benefit for receiving double cannonballs has been removed and replaced with this for now. The benefit that yields a chance to save steel bars still remains. The upcoming donator update will introduce new benefits as a replacement.
    • Kovac's grog - Boosts smithing level by 4 and heals 1 hitpoint, while reducing attack, ranged, and magic by 2 levels each
    • Smithing catalyst - halves the coal needed at regular furnaces while doubling the amount of experience received
    • Ore pack - grants 30 ores of random variety. You can find the weightings on the drop table viewer.
    • Smiths Uniform - Each piece gives a 20% chance of speeding up anvil actions by 1 tick, and a 20% chance to give increased progress on preforms in the Giant's Foundry. Wearing the full set will increase this chance to 100%.
      • Smiths gloves can be fused with ice gloves to create Smiths gloves (i) that combines the effects of both gloves.
    • Colossal blade - Needless to say, it's a very large weapon.
  • More detailed information: OSRS Wiki
  • Two new achivements have been added for this minigame.
  • The hespori message for getting entangled is now easier to see (red).
  • Tempoross:
    • Solos will now always get placed on the western boat and teams will be more evenly spaced out between the two boats.
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • Ultimate Ironmen can now use their salve equipment on the supply chest to send it to their collection box.
  • Tombs of Amascut:
    • Telekinetic grab is no longer allowed on the water container in the crondis challenge room.
    • Audio will now be played for all players in the apmeken challenge room when a new issue is sensed (instead of just for the seer)
    • Added the ability to obtain Icthlarin shrouds from the chest just east of the grouping obelisk. The killcount requirements, in order, for each tier are 3, 25, 100, 250, 500.
  • Zalcano:
    • Shield damage requirement to receive loot during an event has been further lowered to 10 (from 25).
  • Construction:
    • Fixed chapel windows appearing incorrectly with the hosidius/halloween themes.
  • Magic:
    • Fixed an issue with blood spells where multi-targets hits were granting an inconsistent amount of health.
    • Using an enchanting jewellery spell will now re-open the spellbook tab after it has been cast.
    • You can now properly autocast arceuus combat spells using skull sceptre, ahrims staff, slayer's staff, staff of the dead, master wand, or kodai wand.
    • Using giant seaweed with the superglass spell should now yield a higher bonus chance for molten glass (closer to 45% more vs 30%)
  • Farming:
    • Added the new "take-all" option on seed packs.
  • Fishing:
    • Corrected fishing  spots towards the south beach of hosidius/woodcutting guild.
  • Fletching:
    • Corrected experience earned for tipping bolts with gems.
  • Prayer:
    • Ensouled hellhound heads are now dropped from hellhounds and cerberus. They can be reanimated and killed for 1,200 base prayer experience.
  • Runecrafting:
    • Fixed active blood essence not working correctly after the first charge has been used.
    • Fixed the blood altar teleport in the abyss.
  • Slayer:
    • Larran's keys will now properly drop from superior slayer monsters in the wilderness slayer cave.
    • Reduced respawn time for kalphite npcs.
    • Added missing slayer cave teleports for abyssal demons and lesser demons to the slayer ring.
    • Added the new "toggle-smoke" option on the pollnivneach dungeon well.
  • Thieving:
    • Fixed the strange old lockpick not working on pickable doors (such as the one in deep wilderness).
Voting Store Changes:
  • Removed pet rate scroll. Now exclusively obtained through the online store
  • Added ToA Bonus Scroll - 5 tokens - Boosts points earned by 10% for 3 completions
  • Clue Scroll Sack - Price increased to 75 tokens
Donator Store Changes:
  • Removed whip/dark bow mixes, golden chefs hat, golden apron, and inverted santa hat
  • Pet rate scroll - price decreased to 50 tokens
  • Clue bonus scroll - price decreased to 25 tokens
  • Looting bag - price decreased to 75 tokens
  • Cannonballs - increased quantity to 1,000
  • Clue scroll sack - increased price to 250 tokens
  • New Items:
    • Dragonhide pouch - 150 tokens
    • Granite cannonballs - 50 tokens for 1,000
    • Pink Partyhat - 4500 tokens
    • 5x Mystery Box Package - 200 tokens (buy 4 get the 5th for free)
    • Valentines Holiday Pet - Love Cats
      • Cost: 750 Tokens
      • Limited Time Only: Available Until February 19th!
      • image.png.23c0da0f7e344cc4a1cb5668af9a55dc.png
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • The id of dragon chainbody in doomsayer's exchange has been corrected.
  • Fixed a few elite clues that did not trigger the runelite clue helper overlay to appear.
  • Bank fillers will now go into the tab you have currently selected instead of always going to the general tab.
  • Added a warning toggle for overwriting equipment presets.
  • You can now extract the contents of nest boxes from wyson directly to your bank.
  • Increased default stock of seeds sold from farming shops.
  • The wilderness sword effect for cutting webs in the wilderness will now work while in your inventory.
  • Dwarf Multicannon is now allowed inside the Giant's Den.
  • Added the darkmeyer eastern wall shortcut. This can be built using 2 long ropes obtained from the nearby general store. You must have 63 agility (can be boosted).
  • Added the pyramid plunder master stash unit (in the 7th room).
  • Updated how certain achievement passives from OSRS are unlocked:
    • Bonus thieving pickpocket (10%) - You no longer have to have the ardy cape 2 with you. Instead you must have at least 40% total achievement progress.
    • Lava scale yield increase (50%) - You no longer have to have the wilderness sword with you. Instead you must have at least 60% total achievement progress.
    • Bolt Effect proc chance (10%) (normally hard kandarin diary) - You must have at least 60% total achievement progress.
    • All of these are also all available to see in the Game Bonus Statistics tab.
  • You can now obtain blighted wave and surge sacks from the pvp blood money store in edgeville.
  • Recent recorded pvp deaths (for the purpose of restricting blood money farming) now has a time expiration of 24 hours. With less players in the wilderness, this should alleviate issues with not receiving rewards for killing a player you killed a long time ago.
  • Corrected ogres in the combat training camp. They are now the level 63 variant.
  • Attacking TzHaarHur will now cause other TzHaar nearby to attack you.
  • Fixed combat animations and drop table for the unicorns south of varrock.
  • If lost, you can now reobtain Sir Prysims key in the demon slayer quest by pouring water down the drain again.
  • The herblore shop now sells noted snake weed.
  • Added the "Arachnid" pet perk to Lil Zik, Venenatis Jr, and Sraracha
    • Grants 10% bonus damage to spiders. Note: Nylocas are not considered spiders as of right now.
  • Fixed 90-day trading post prices not displaying correctly.
PvM Bingo:
  • The next bingo has been scheduled to start on March 1st. More information will be released soon.
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Voting tokens for pet scrolls was a massive cash sink is something gonna be added for a better cash sink in future? 


As most people are pet hunting and I don't think they gonna spend 75 mil just to buy a pet scroll it's just not very wise imo

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Thanks for QOL updates!


Pet scrolls were my main incentive to vote so very disappointed in that, hope you'll consider adding them back. I certainly won't be buying them from donor store; 75m for one hour of +10% is a ripoff compared to the vote store price (~7.5m).

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  • Developer
2 hours ago, Rat said:

why would we get giant foundry of all things tho lol no offence

We can't add any of the newer OSRS content yet as it's out of our revision, so I've been focused on giants foundry, trimmed completionist capes, donator rebalancing, and QOL/fixes. Giants' Foundry has a lot of decent rewards and it's pretty good xp/gp profit.

Edited by Hope
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  • 3 weeks later...
On 2/9/2023 at 7:16 PM, Hope said:

We can't add any of the newer OSRS content yet as it's out of our revision, so I've been focused on giants foundry, trimmed completionist capes, donator rebalancing, and QOL/fixes. Giants' Foundry has a lot of decent rewards and it's pretty good xp/gp profit.

Are there any plans for a revision update in the near future? Also, is there any plans for adding custom content or are we planning to stick to being 1:1 with OSRS?

Edit: if there are plans for custom content, I'd love to post suggestions/ideas on types of custom content, content from higher revisions, etc.

Edited by Setup
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