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Zaros Updates - Donator Changes


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Good Morning, Zaros!
Today's update features the long awaited changes to our donator zones. Please take some time to read over the patch notes provided and let us know what you think! If you have any suggestions for further changes to these zones or the donator benefits, we encourage you to post a suggestion thread in our discord.
Donator Changes:
  • Zone Rework:
    • The goal behind the new donator zones was to create a single area where all zones could cohesively fit together to form one giant Island. This ensures players are less isolated from one another and also gives the opportunity to see a glimpse of higher tier zones they could potentially upgrade to. Additionally, we wanted to make sure each zone had the proper amount of advancements/benefits over the previous so that a lower zone (cough cough $10 zone) wasn't better than a higher one.
    • All Zones:
      • Skilling necessities (furnace, anvil, mining rocks, herblore patch, thieving stall, trees). Rarity and quantity of resources vary based on zone. Distance from resource locations to a bank also get smaller as zones increase.
      • Dungeon entrance
      • 3-8 Impling spawns that will only roam around each respective zone. Impling rarity gets better as zones increase.
    • Regular Zone ($10+):
      • Zone Perks:
        • +7 hidden level boost
      • Dungeon:
        • Jellies, dust devils, ankous, hellhounds, and abyssal demons
    • Extreme Zone ($250+):
      • Birdhouse
      • Advanced woodcutting area
      • Sand crab training area
      • Fishing spots:
        • Shark, lobster, monkfish, barbarian fishing.
      • Dungeon:
        • Bloodvelds, dark beasts, greater nechryaels, and gargoyles
      • Zone Perks:
        • +9 hidden level boost
        • 2x less likely a tree will deplete
        • 5% extra chance a mining rock will not deplete
    • Legendary Zone ($1,000+):
      • Dungeon area only (no home zone):
        • Blue red, black, adamant, and rune dragons
    • Uber Zone ($5,000+):
      • Birdhouse (can be used in addition to the extreme zone birdhouse)
      • Hespori Cave/Patch
      • Black chinchompa cave
      • Fishing spots:
        • Dark crabs, monkfish, anglerfish, karambwan, and barbarian fishing.
        • These spots do not move.
      • Dungeon:
        • Thermonuclear smoke devils, demonic gorillas, and skeletal wyverns
      • Abundant mining area with 4 dragonite rocks.
      • Zone Perks:
        • +12 hidden level boost
        • 4x less likely a tree will deplete
        • 10% extra chance a mining rock will not deplete
  • Benefit Additions and Changes:
    • New Benefits:
      • Chance to catch an extra chinchompa from box traps (scales with rank)
      • Chance to receive extra stardust from crashed stars (scales with rank)
      • Pets are never lost on death (uber only)
    • Changes to existing donator benefits can be viewed on this google sheet. Green highlighted areas indicate a buff while red highlighted areas indicate a nerf.
  • Other changes:
    • Because of the shift in location, all donator home teleports have been reset. You can set a preferred teleport spot through the Zaros guide at Edgeville.
    • The "Donator Zones" tab in the teleporter has been opened up to all players, regardless of rank. Non-donators can now teleport to the "Lobby" in the center which allows them to visually see all three zones nearby.
New Diversion (Impling Swarms):
  • Appears once every 2-4 hours
  • 25 mid-high level implings will be spawned in a tight confined area alongside 4-5 mid-level impling defenders. Kill all defenders before being able to harvest the implings.
  • Giants Foundry:
    • Improved upon sweet spot zones
    • Fixed bonus from smithing gear not correctly being applied in the foundry
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • All bandages are now removed when leaving entry mode
  • Tempoross:
    • Increased maximum amount of reward permits able to be earned. This only matters if you're doing high-point solo games.
  • Hunter:
    • Reworked impling spawn and movement logic to be more like OSRS
      • Overworld:
        • Spawn locations will be on/near the places marked on the OSRS Wiki page. Upon spawning, the impling will be invisible for roughly 2 minutes, allowing it to roam free from the spawn point before revealing itself nearby. After being captured, it will re-spawn as a new type and go through the same 2 minute invisibility period as before.
        • More consistent rarity of impling types, with ones such as lucky/dragon appearing less often (aside from crystal which always spawn at Priffdinas)
      • Puro-Puro:
        • There are 35 spawn points that produce an invisible NPC which roams for two minutes before manifesting, and respawn immediately upon capture. Of these 35 spawn points, there are 21 low-tier spawns, 12 mid-tier spawns, and 2 high-tier spawns. The spawn map for this can once again be viewed on the OSRS Wiki.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Fixed the ironman manager and a few shops at home not appearing for unranked group ironmen
  • Fixed menaphite remedies not working as intended
  • Added missing magic damage bonus for trimmed completionist capes
  • Updated twisted bow accuracy formula to be more precise to OSRS values. This will likely only be noticeable for monsters with a magic level/bonus of 100-230, resulting in a nerf for lower levels
  • Fixed the Accumulator completionist cape (t) not giving full ammo saving benefits
  • Fixed the xamphur gate sometimes becoming glitched out and not letting players through
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Extreme Donator zone Forge do not allow making Onyx Amulet. it saying nothing interesting happens when using the gold bar, onyx or ammy mold on the forge. This only works with a Furnace. I think the forge should be replaced with a furnace. i cant utilize the +9 boost with a forge. @Hope

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  • Developer
On 4/13/2023 at 8:47 PM, Concrete ape said:

Extreme Donator zone Forge do not allow making Onyx Amulet. it saying nothing interesting happens when using the gold bar, onyx or ammy mold on the forge. This only works with a Furnace. I think the forge should be replaced with a furnace. i cant utilize the +9 boost with a forge. @Hope

This has been sorted for the next update.

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