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Zaros Updates - Dominion Tower


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Good Morning, Zaros!
Today's update features a new custom minigame, Dominion Tower! We've taken some ideas from the classic RS2/RS3 implementation and have redone it in a way to fit the oldschool vibe. Have a read over the update notes below and let us know what you think!
Dominion Tower:
  • Ever wonder what happens to all the bosses you defeat? They get sent to the Dominion Tower! There hasn't been a problem in the past, but the tower is now running out of space and the curator needs your help clearing them out for good to make room for all the new bosses you've been slaying.
  • What is it?
    • The Dominion Tower is a 20-floor solo PvM minigame where players encounter a random boss on each floor with limited banking. Reach the roof to defeat the final boss and collect a reward!
    • Need to take a break halfway through? Logging out will save your progress to continue where you left off.
  • Requirements:
    • The only requirement to gain entry is to have completed the achievement "Defeat 100 bosses of any kind"
  • Difficulty Modes:
    • There are a total of 14 difficulty modes for the tower, with each scaling the health and damage of all monsters within.
      • Practice
        • Health: 100%
        • Damage: 100%
        • Banking every floor
        • No rewards
      • Easy
        • Health: 50%
        • Damage: 50%
        • Banking on floors 5, 10, and 15
      • Normal, Hard, Expert 1 - 10
        • Health: 100% - 300%
        • Damage: 100% - 200%
        • Banking on floors 5, 10, and 15
    • Practice, Easy, and Normal modes are unlocked by default. Progressing to harder modes requires you to complete a full run of the next-highest mode.
  • Handicaps:
    • After defeating the boss on floors 5, 10, and 15, you will be required to select a handicap from two random selections. Handicaps are negative effects that you must deal with for all remaining floors in the tower. Each active handicap also provides an extra point multiplier bonus. Handicaps that are harder to manage will have larger point multipliers, so while choosing a harder one might be more  painful for you to endure, it might pay off when it comes to reward time.
    • The available handicaps that you might encounter are:
      • Not Special - Special attacks can no longer be used
      • Reduced Attack - Your melee, range, and magic attack bonuses are reduced on every floor
      • Thunderstorm - Lightning occasionally comes crashing down into the arena dealing massive damage if hit
      • Plague - Bosses leave behind a venomous poison in their path
      • Slippery Fingers - Occasionally, your weapon becomes unequipped and is sent to your inventory. If your inventory is full, nothing happens.
      • Unstable conditions - The tower degrades over time causing rubble to occasionally fall from the ceiling
      • Haste - All monster attack speeds are increased by 1 tick. Has no effect on monsters who already have an attack speed of 3 or less.
      • Unholy Ascent - Prayer drains 30% faster throughout the tower
  • Bosses:
    • Minor Bosses: King Black Dragon, Chaos Fanatic, Crazy Archaeologist, Chaos Elemental, Venenatis, Callisto, Vetion, Scorpia, Mutant Tarn, Obor, Giant Mole, Barrelchest, Mimic, Dagannoth Kings, Barrows Brothers, Sarachnis
      • These bosses will show up on floors 1-4, 6-9, 11-14, and 16-19
    • Major Bosses:  Godwars Bosses, Jad, Cerberus, Kalphite Queen
      • These bosses will show up on floors 5, 10, and 15
    • Final Boss: Giant Roc
      • Floor 20 (tower roof)
    • Note: Some mechanics/stats have been altered for bosses in order to accommodate a solo encounter in this new area.
  • Rewards:
    • Rewards are calculated on a point system similar to Chambers of Xeric and Tombs of Amascut. The more points you accumulate, you'll have a better chance of hitting the unique table and also will receive a larger amount of common loot. Earn more points per boss kill based on the mode point multiplier and any active handicaps.
    • Uniques:
      • Boss Uniques - The pool of boss uniques is determined by a weighted set of all bosses you've killed on that tower run. Some bosses that normally contain lackluster rewards have coins or other items added to their table.
      • Jujus:
        • Passive items that can be equipped in the ammunition slot (similar to prayer blessings)
        • These are considered part of the final boss drop table, so they will always be in the pool of boss uniques (above)
        • Juju of Dominance:
          • +10 stab, slash, and crush attack bonus
          • +3 melee strength
          • -5 Prayer
        • Juju of Focus:
          • +10 range attack bonus
          • +3 range strength
          • -5 Prayer
        • Juju of Enchantment:
          • +10 magic attack bonus
          • +3% magic damage
          • -5 Prayer
    • Common Loot:
      • Consists of alchables, consumables, runes, bars, potions, and gp.
      • You will receive 3 rolls of common loot each completion (in addition to a unique reward if successful)
    • Tertiary:
      • Lil' Roc (Pet) - Rolled once the Giant Roc is defeated
        • Pet rating of 89
      • Clue Scrolls - Flat 1/3 chance per completion
        • Easy, Normal, Hard
          • Medium Clue
        • Expert I-IV
          • Hard Clue
        • Expert V-VIII
          • Elite Clue
        • Expert IX-X
          • Master Clue
  • Tombs of Amascut:
    • Crondis (Challenge) - Acid orbs will no longer spawn next to each other on either side of the 4 lanes
    • Fixed the "Need some help" invocation not correctly distributing supplies
    • Scabaras (Challenge) - Fixed obelisks not clearing correctly on a room wipe
    • Scabaras (Kephri) - Fixed the third teleport location of the arcane scarab
    • Apmeken (Baba) - Fixed the shockwave attack with shaking things up invocation enabled
  • Giants Foundry:
    • You will now properly receive a boost when refining with the smithing outfit on
    • Fixed the last sweet spot not working on 6-7 section swords
  • Crazy/Deranged Archaeologist:
    • Reworked book special attack to be more consistent with OSRS
Voting Store Changes:
  • Pet scrolls have been re-added for 15 tokens each
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Fixed the crystal key chest not working for non-donators
  • Added trading posts and sawmills to donator zones
  • The extreme zone now has the rejuvenation box moved to a better location inside the bank
  • Fixed visual issues with donator zone herblore patches
  • Fixed not being able to jewelry craft on donator zone furnaces and forges
  • Fixed the impling swarm diverion not sending the correct ending message
  • The ancient spellbook home teleport will no longer randomize the teleport location (like other spells)
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