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Hardcore Group Ironman Release - $1000 in Prizes


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Hardcore Group Ironman is coming to Zaros on June 23rd at 5pm UTC!
  • Maximum team size of 5.
  • Experience Rates:
    • x65 Combat, x40 Skilling
    • x25 Post-99
  • Each group will be granted 5 lives regardless of how many players are in the group. If new players join later down the road, no new lives are granted.
  • Unlike solo hardcore ironman mode, all PvM/Minigame deaths are unsafe and will result in a life being taken.
  • Upon dying, a message will be broadcast to both the entire server and your group noting how many lives are remaining. After exhausting all lives, each group member will have their status wiped. If a player is logged out, they will be notified and have their status wiped after logging back in.
  • All prizes can be claimed as Token Scrolls, USD, or OSGP value.
  • First Individual to maximum stats:
    • $50
    • WINNER - Toxic
  • First Group (5 members) to maximum stats:
    • $150 split between members
    • WINNER - Group "TRB"
  • First Individual to obtain a completionist cape:
    • $100
  • First Group (5 members) to obtain a completionist cape:
    • $500 split between members
  • First Group (2 or more members) to achieve 5 billion combined experience:
    • $200 split between members
    • WINNER - Group "Dungeon Rats"
  • Due to how this game mode operates, status/life refunds will not be given in the event of a disconnect.
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