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Suqah these nuts.


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Suqahs are whats known as failed content. On RS they aren't easy to get too, have high defense, decent stats, require a long list of quests to get too and yet have no drop table. Why on earth you would add them to the slayer list without updating the drop table is beyond me. This is a private server, the shit that failed on rs should be fixed on here.

Go through all mid/high slayer tasks and make sure the drop table for each at least has one item of value for each monster, or some kind of collectible resource to make the monster worth killing. THIS IS A PRIVATE SERVER there shouldn't be level 100+ slayer monsters with no drops like shades, suqahs and hellhounds. IDGAF if that's how they work on RS, I don't play RS because 99% of the game is dead shit content that hasn't been rebalanced since 2004.


- Signed someone who just got 175 suqahs as a task and am wondering why the fuck I have to deal with this time wasting bullshit on a RSPS.

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Slayer skip scrolls will solve the issue of having to do them at all. I normally just skip everything I don't like. Normally I get more slayer skips then I use per task so it end up being a net position about 75% of the time. Best of luck to you!

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