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Zaros Updates - Collection Log Rewards


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Good Morning, Zaros!
Today's update brings several quality of life features and some bug fixes. Enjoy!
Collection Log Rewards:
  • You can now earn rewards by progressing your collection log! Rewards and their thresholds are displayed on the Collection Log Overview interface. Upon reaching a threshold, the items will automatically be sent to your collection box. If you have already obtained these threshold amounts prior to this update, you will still receive those rewards upon first logging in.
General QOL:
  • The voting store now has quantity selection!
  • The right-click home teleport in your spellbook now stores 3 of your most recent teleports.
  • The 10k quantity buy limit has been removed from shops and instead players will be given a warning when attempting to buy more than 10k in quantity.
  • The doomsayer now sells his own locator orb, allowing you to customize the left-click setting.
  • Your hands no longer need to be free to catch implings barehanded!
  • Added command teleports for each of the raids ::cox, ::tob, ::toa
  • Noted ancient relics can now be used at the emblem trader.
  • Revised the "Slay each of the wilderness bosses 30 times" achievement to include the names of the bosses you need to defeat to make it less confusing to new players.
  • Removed a few less desired clue items from the global broadcast system.
  • The woodcutting guild teleport will now send you directly to the bank there if you have the required level to enter the guild.
  • Chambers of Xeric:
    • Raiding parties consisting of only same-group GIM players can now utilize the public storage chest.
    • Raids can now be scaled up to 25 "players" for a fee of 100k coins each. Prior to entering the raid, the clan leader will be prompted with a new interface. This interface also now contains the setup for a raid layout tablet instead of the previous dialogue.
  • Agility:
    • Reset floor 1 hallowed sepulchre time.
  • Fishing:
    • You can now make and clean oily fishing rods. Blamish oil can be purchased from alry the angler.
  • Herblore:
    • Lava scale shards from scales now give the correct amount for higher herblore levels.
  • Hunter:
    • Fixed the dragon and crystal impling achievements not working
  • Mining:
    • Amethyst ore now has a chance to not be depleted based on your non-depletion chance in the game bonus statistics.
  • Woodcutting:
    • The location at which you "use" and "farm" the redwood tree at the farming guild is now more consistent.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Fixed the in-game store not fully displaying all the products in each category
  • Fixed a few issues with group hardcore deaths in minigames. We also now have the ability to refund lives from previous server-related bugs.
  • Corrected item values for dragon hunter crossbow and infernal tool variants.
  • Ensouled heads are now tradeable. If you come across any that aren't tradeable, please report it.
  • Bank deposit boxes no longer require a bankpin to deposit items into.
  • Fixed saving issues with the fossil island mud pit.
  • Fixed a few medium clues that did not trigger the runelite plugin upon being opened.
  • Fixed stash units in the lumbridge swamp dungeon.
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