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Zaros Updates - Holiday Event


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Good Morning, Zaros! The christmas holiday event has returned along with a few needed bug fixes from the previous update. Have a read and let us know what you think in the comments below.
Holiday Event:
  • The holiday is upon us! Santa has sent his Squire into town to hand out presents to the citizens of Zaros, but he has to wrap them first! Gather wrapping paper by participating in skilling, pvm, minigames, and the town board. Trade them to Santa's Squire in exchange for presents.
    • 200 wrapping paper is required per present
    • Christmas Present Contents:
      • Limited time Blue and Inverted Blue Santa Hat. Similar to the green and purple ones handed out in previous years, these will not be easily obtainable after this event ends.
      • Resources, coins, bonus scrolls, bonus xp, instance tokens, crystal keys, and slayer task skip scrolls.
      • Coal
    • Wrapping paper will continue to drop until January 3rd, 2024 at 12pm UTC
    • Using any third party software to keep your account online and actively training in order to receive wrapping paper will result in immediate punishment.
  • Players may gather snow from piles near Santa's Squire and throw them at fellow players.
  • Random Drop Parties will be hosted throughout the end of year containing other new and old holiday items.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Fixed dominion tower not being a safe death
  • Fixed the firewall phase at alchemical hydra and it not being able to path correctly
  • "Added" value for charged variants of the new upgraded wilderness weapons
  • Nex will no longer instantly respawn. Additionally, we've reduced the orb respawn delay in half.
  • Tertiary items from the new wilderness bosses are now tradeable
  • Fixed divine potion timers in runelite
  • Fixed not being able to autocast god spells with the new wilderness sceptres
  • Fixed the gender option not working on the character creator interface
  • Cannons are now restricted in all wilderness boss lairs
  • Thralls will no longer cause issues with single combat bosses such as cerberus
  • Fixed certain items not being interactable in the poh costume storage interface
  • Fixed willow trees
  • The muttadile meat tree in cox will now take into account custom scaling of the raid
  • Token scrolls are no longer offered from winning the tournament. Instead, a cash (gp) prize of 350m on weekends and 200m on weekdays will be given.
  • Fixed a clipping issue at the uzone hespori cave that prevented usage of the patch
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