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Zaros Updates - Bug Fixes


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  • Developer

Good morning, Zaros! Today's update features a few bug-fixes and stability improvements that have been recently requested.

Content fixes/changes:

  • Lumberyard teleports are now tradeable
  • The big compost bin at the farming guild can now be used
  • Addressed issues at the dominion tower with Kalphite Queen where the magic attack graphic would sometimes not show.
  • Fixed visual issues with the giant roc pet
  • Added new escape crystal mechanics. These can still be obtained from the mysterious stranger at the Theatre of Blood.
  • Fixed issues in the Sotetseg room in the Theatre of Blood.
  • Added the new slayer task extension for revenants.
  • Fixed cooking gauntlet burn level for lobster and monkfish.
  • Croziers can now autocast the modern spellbook.
  • Fixed ahrim's staff not being able to autocast arceuus spells
  • Adjusted spawn intervals for nechrael death spawns
  • Fixed game bonuses that require a total % of achievement completion (as seen on the game bonus statistics interface)
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