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Ironman Woodcutting/Construction Guide


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Hi all, some of you may know me as long bone. I'm an experienced ironman player and enjoy making guides for those wanting to start out the gamemode.

During woodcutting you have the chance to gain the beaver pet and lumberjack pieces as rare drops. The lumberjack outfit is classified as a skilling outfit, meaning it gives bonus xp when worn during woodcutting.

Furthermore, you may also get birds nests drops that drop eggs, rings, seeds and clue scrolls.

Level 1 - 50:


Teleport to seers village via: Skilling > Seers Rooftop.
We choose to woodcut at seers due to the amount of normal and oak trees in close proximity to the bank. 
You should cut normal trees until level 15, then move to oaks until level 50.


50 - 99:
From level 50 to 99 we will need to cut mahogany logs. Alternatively you can cut teaks, however the area I will disclose houses both in close proximity to the bank.
First, we teleport to City > Miscellania, then run east across the bridge. North of the castle is a cluster of mahogany and teak trees which we may cut.


From here we carry on cutting Mahogany logs until 99. If cost is an issue for construction, you may cut teaks instead which will offer slower methods of training but will be cheaper.


During construction you have a chance to get pieces of the construction skilling outfit. Equipping this gives increased xp whilst doing the construction skill


To start off construction, talk to the real estate agent in edgeville and purchase a starter house. Houses cost 10k to purchase.

After this, we must complete the ernest the chicken quest. This will give construction XP to start off your grind throughout construction. the base xp is multiplied by your gamemode XP rates.

A quest guide for this can be found in the thread below:

Creating Planks:
To create planks we need to go to the sawmill operator. To do this teleport to the woodcutting guild via Skilling>Woodcutting guild. This requires 60 woodcutting to enter.

We then run west from the TP to the sawmill operator. You can then run back to the bank within the woodcutting guild.

The costs to convert each plank types are:
Normal - 1000gp
Oak - 2500gp
Teak - 5000gp
Mahogany -  15000gp

From lvl 33 onwards we can create oak larders. Oak larders are the cheapest form of training but are the slowest in comparison to later methods.
First we need to purchase a Kitchen room for 50,000gp.

We then can make oak larders which cost 8 oak planks per larder.

From 52-99 we create Mahogany tables. To do this we need to create a dining room, which costs 50,000gp.

Each mahogany table takes 6 mahogany planks per table

Thanks for reading, if you're looking for an ironman cc you can join 'Zaros Irons' for further questions. The Zaros Irons thread can be found below.


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3 minutes ago, Balboa said:

Yo Brother, i love your guides.

But could you add the xp rates or at least how many Planks you need for 99? Would be really nice. Thank you. 

Keep on creating guides!

That'll be coming very soon, will update ASAP

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