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PvP World 4


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Anyone else think there should be a PvP world 4? Soulsplit had this back in the day and it was epic.

Those who wish to PK would log into world 4. And those who wished to skill/pvm would log into the normal worlds like 1-2, etc.

This would mean the PvP world wouldn't be too packed (less lag), etc.

Obviously when the combat system is fixed though 😉 https://forum.zaros.io/topic/1645-fix-combat-system-period/

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4 hours ago, FTWImCody said:

Only issue I see with this, it is not exactly as easy as it looks with adding a new world 😛 There is a lot of backend work needed for them to communicate between servers 😛

I agree, but you can achieve anything you put your mind too. Haha! All achievable. 

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