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Ironmen restock timers!

Gim Gainz

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With the very competitive scene that is Zaros, it's a race to get the best results in the fastest manner. Not being able to buy as many supplies as you can is quite the setback. So I suggest we buff some of the restock timers/increase the resource count (example: 100 iron ore -> 500) OR change the restock rates to instant full stock (instead of 10 per restock in ores, make it the full 100). This is just a suggestion but if there could be some tweaks or takes on this subject, please share them here.

Places where the restock timers for ironmen and normies alike are atrocious:

*Blast furnace (I can get the first 100 just fine, but after that it's veryyy slow). I'm a realism GIM and so in need of many ores, a restock of 10 ores every +/- 30-45sec is too slow for me.

*Tzhaar Gem shop (onyx), Hopping solves this but it's still very slow to buy multiple.

*Runes store (Yanille), Great for chaos runes but natures could be faster/have a higher stock count.



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