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Instance tokens [ Explained ]


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There are 2 options that you can choose from: 

- Create

- Join 

* Create allows you to create an instance for yourself or for your party 

* Join allows you to join into a instance that has been created by your party member

PS ! To join a exsisting party all of the members have to join in to the party creators clan chat and upon " Joining " enter his name

Tips: You can create a party room on an alternative account so all the party members can rejoin whenever they want for only 1 token cost instead of having to pay 4 ( Creating an instance +Global instance + Faster Respawns = 4 tokens )


Choose an instance that you wish to create ( Certain areas cannot be accessed with a team) 


There are 3 options that you can choose from Boss instance setup :

- Personal Insurance 
- Global Instance
- Faster Respawns 

* Personal insurance will autokeep all your items if you die
* Global instance will let your party members join you in an instance room
* Faster Respawns will make the monsters spawn 50% faster inside

PS! If you die without insurance a grave will spawn close to you with a flashing arrow, you can retrieve all your items by paying the death fee

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49 minutes ago, Deeznutziez said:

Why would I create an instance for myself? 


Instance tokens can be used if the boss room is occupied. The tokens are popular to use on gwd bosses since they remove the lc requirement to kill them. As mentioned above it offers you to have faster respawns etc resulting in more kills/hr.


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On 5/8/2021 at 6:46 PM, Deeznutziez said:

Why would I create an instance for myself? 


As @Lasanyer stated, there is the benefit of not waiting for other players to finish in a normal boss room before you'll be able to have it all to yourself. The additional bonuses are that you can opt to have faster respawns or even insurance incase you die while inside the instance. Overall it's a great investment, especially for ironmen who don't want to be crashed while they're grinding for gear.

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