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Welcome to skiller's hut.

We are the home of all skillers, as you know the skilling community is very nieche, so we have decided to come together and make a clanchat, a home, a hub for the skilling community, everyone else is welcome may i add!

so what do we have to offer? we offer prime knowledge on skills, we offer out techniques or unique ways of grinding, as 10hp accounts, our hardcores endure pain all the time trying to do simple things on the server like, doing agility pyramid, or thieving wallsafes or even running through the desert, our knowledge and experience brings geat satisfaction to be able to help new players and even experienced players new knowledge that u may of not known about.

we have multiple unique accounts, well known players across for private server platforms, we're known for doing ridiculous skilling grinds, being friendly, accomplishing tedious and dangerous tasks for 10hp hardcores/ elites.

We want to build a platform where we can grow the skilling community, where we can have a safehaven for new players and hard working players to be able to come over, chill, have a laugh, little personal competitions in the cc, we would love to have you all over to grow and be the best we can on the server.

xp is our drug and always will be! we promise to deliver weekly clan events to get group activitys flowing!

A discord will soon be up and will be notified in the cc of invitiation details, or add clue#9927 on discord for more info.

we have a ranking system in place in the cc for incentive to work up the ranks!

Recruit -  500 overall [ no combat]

corporal - 850 overall  [ no combat]

Sergeant - 1250 overall [no combat]

Leuitenant - max with or without combat.

Owners - Ores/Clue - Childish - poison

[moderator positions available]

We cant wait to meet you all, happy grinding.



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