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Changes to the Ancient Casket Boxing


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https://streamable.com/nwbvtx As we see in this video by Zurphdog, the second the ancient casket holder starts boxing someone, they are completely immune to any damage and danger. If they follow the singles strip all the way down to the border, they are pretty much unkillable.


I propose some changes to how the Ancient Casket and the Carrier's mechanics:

1: Ancient Casket holder SHOULD NOT be able to attack anything while they are holding the casket. This will prevent boxing other players and monsters in the wilderness, meaning even if a hobgoblin or another player tries boxing the holder, they can be immideately PJed off to keep on damaging the holder.

2: The non-existent level gap to hit the casket holder should be either

          a. Back to how the wilderness works for everyone (Wildy level = gap between the maximum and minimum levels that can attack you)

          b. The attacker should be either the same combat level as the holder or higher (no limit to the max combat level). 

(The second option is more viable because if a level 3 picks up the casket, there has to be an account that is level 3 + the wildy level. By removing the maximum skill gap, it will stop level 3s picking up the casket and making the run with there being no one with the wildy level + 3 combat level)

3. Having a minimum combat level requirement to pick up the casket? (If a level 3 picks up the casket and a level 3 immideately starts hitting the casket holder, you cant PJ off the level 3 as a max main or even a pure)

4. Changing how the Casket announces player locations. With the game announcing the casket location as "Player has picked up the Ancient Casket in level X Wilderness!" People can keep dropping the casket and pick it back up causing there to be a yell spam. This can be fixed in 2 ways:

     1: Make it unable to drop the Ancient Casket. (This can cause a bit of chaos in the community because maybe the person picked it up accidentally instead of their well equipped tanky friend who has enough brews and gear to tank it to the ditch).

     2: Make it so instead of announcing it as a yell / game tab text, it is a broadcast similar to these pictures I have made. 

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/708677355853316128/790553492048969748/1.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/708677355853316128/790553498000818186/2.png

     (I have a bit of text in the 2nd link which also has a suggestion in it.)


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