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We need more instances; Suggest your instances below


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Game right now is not great for the casual player playing at peak time, thankfully instance tokens are fairly inexpensive to buy ingame and out yet they're not too useful, Sure bossing is fun and instances work for that but why not anything else? I propose a change, we need new instances. Please suggest your own below. Here are mine with there reasonings


Wintertodl - Huge one for me, I'm going for the pet, I want the pet before I start combat this minigame/boss has been the bane of my life, you cannot consistantly get high point games with 2 worlds. Each crate is 500 points, if one fire is lit throughout the game you can expect to get around 4000 upwards to 6000 points a game... that's great 8-12 chances at a tome, pyro or even better the pet. All it takes is someone to want to level up quickly and end the games fast to light all 4 burners and ruin your potential to get loot from 4000-6000 points to over 750 if you really concentrate. Very annoying, I would pay good money to have my own instance for me and my group to play high point games. 


Slayer dungeons/katacombes - Server is massively populated, nearly 2k players on 247 is an incredible achievement yet with all the different game mode and xp modes you're going to find your match when training slayer, crashing, toxicity and peak times can completely ruin a slayer task... what could save it? if me and my group could use 2 instance tokens and go about our day... carry on slaying without any worry in the world, great fun. Having a full time job and having to play at peak times makes things very hard. 


Lizardman temple - Okay maybe having your own cannonable spot to consistantly cannon shamans might be op? (or not) but I'd love to have the temple unlocked for me and my clan/gim to grind out some kills. 3 rooms with 2 shamens caters to everyone. It's a grind sadly all us ironmen have to do and we all know the complete and utter frustration of getting crashed constantly, it's very frustraiting because you will get crashed over and over and over for one of the hardest RNG items. Let us instance the cave for our teammates/friends to join


These 3 are the main ones I would like so far, lets leave the toxicity and create a more enjoyable server to play by adding these instances to team up and group with clan chats, clans and random players. Please suggest your instances below.


- Tom





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