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UIM Progress - 12/30/2020

Sexy Woox

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Hey guys! 'Sexy Woox' here. I've been putting in effort on the UIM, and have made some decent progress thus far. I got my trident, made a rune crossbow and got to grinding Zulrah. 5 kills into my grind, I got stacked and had to go retrieve a new looting bag. I stepped foot in level 1 wildy, and got a target named "EFEFEF" or something. Skipped. Another "efefef" target. Skipped. Another "EFEFF' target, and another skip. 4th "EFEFEFEF" instant teled to me, the BH tele placed him directly next to me, and he entangle +TB and clawed me out. I lost my trident, RCB and all my supplies. I kept my fury, whip and an uncut onyx. I think the bounty hunter teleport needs to be looked at, but that's for another topic. Anyways, looks like we'll be starting the New Year off by rebuilding. My main focus right now is the Gauntlet, and trying to secure a Blade of Saeldor since I can't jump back into Zulrah at this time. See you around gamers! Keep an eye out for a New Year's Eve stream from yours truely!  @ https://www.youtube.com/soloconway

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6 minutes ago, FTWImCody said:

Rip that sucks man 😛 Yea those EFEFEFE squad are always camping wildy 😕 Hate to hear it but glad that did not discourage you from rebuilding 😄

Of course not! Only meaningful item lost was the trident, which is one grind away. 😁

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