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Things that really make the dopamine hit hard on servers


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These are things that keep me sticking around on servers and I think it would do the same for others

Rare drop table/supply drops
Having all monsters access a table with decent rewards, a combination of supplys, cash, or alchables. More common for higher level monsters. Makes all monsters more rewarding, even ones with mediocre drop tables.

Increased alch values for common drops and a "High Alch Price" NPC
I think items such as runes, logs, bows, herbs, gems, jewellery should have a slightly above rs alch values to supplement the fact that nobody will buy a lot of that shit on a server. This will make skilling semi-rewarding money wise, and also makes getting misc drops like bad herbs, logs, and unimportant gems/runes slightly more rewarding instead of having the drop tables feel littered with useless dog shit that has no value. This will also make stuff like konar keys, larrans keys, crystal keys, supply drops (if you choose to implement them), and bosses way more rewarding.

The NPC who buys stuff at alch value is a must for people who want to do mass skilling and be able to get gp from the ending resources within a private server economy. High alching isn't really a solution when finished resources like arrows and runes aren't worth as much as nature runes. Also nobody wants to high alch 10K bows on a private server.

Im not saying this should replace trading, but instead act as a price floor, since many items people never buy are frequent in drop tables and therefor feel like you got nothing as a drop.

Skilling Tasks/Slayer Tasks (Alternative)
Though ideally, I would rather you just made collecting resources and the regular drop tables rewarding money wise, these are alternatives to that.

If you don't feel like buffing the alch value of resources, another way to make skilling rewarding is to have skilling tasks "Cut 150 magic logs" and then a money payout at the end, makes skilling a bit more diverse and solves the problem of many resources not having value by simply giving you gp for collecting them.

Also an alternative to having supply drops, similar to skill tasks, is for slayer tasks to award gp based on the combat level of the monsters you killed, this would ensure anything you killed on task would be rewarding gp even if it had a medicore drop table. For example one server I play you get 100 Gp * the combat of the monster you killed each kill on task. It doesn't necessarily have to be that high, but you get the idea.

General Buffs
These being increased by 1.5x to double are always nice and make things flow better: cannon balls per bar, slayer points per task, pc points, runes crafted, more nests, herb yield (bit op to go too far with that). I feel like most of this stuff fits in-line with the "similar but boosted" theme of private servers.

Those are some of the big things that make servers fun to me, what do you guys think? The tl;dr is basically I just want to make sure that skilling and pvm are sufficiently rewarding to those of us who like to build up the bank value.

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