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Maxed out all skills in-game but didn't get announcement


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Hello guys this is very strange as I maxed out everything but I didn't get the announcement in game saying ''maxed out in all skills'' I leveled up prayer and slayer too 99 at the same time and it registered 99 slayer announcement but not prayer and then it never said I maxed out everything after.


All I can say left is we made it for those who have maxed out! lets gooooo bois! and for those who are still trying to max out, goodluck in your adventures! 🙂 

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14 minutes ago, FTWImCody said:

Congratulations on maxing! Just wondering did you have private set to Off/Friends Only?

Thank you man! I had all my settings turned ''On'' so this could be a bug and hopefully developers or someone can fix this. 😕 

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