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Zaros Updates - Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode [8/1/2021]


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(Please note the Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode will be available at 6 PM UTC, or 18:00 Server Time)


The Chambers of Xeric's Challenge Mode is a Chambers of Xeric raid with increased difficulty. Here, players will encounter all possible bosses and rooms within the Chambers, with their combat stats increased. All the monsters within possess no new mechanics.

In order to attempt a Challenge Mode raid, party leaders must select the "Challenge Mode" box when forming a party.

Unlike the normal raid, a Challenge Mode raid is linear and contains three levels of rooms rather than the two normal levels that are randomly generated, with the final boss being the Great Olm:

  • - Top level: Tekton, Jewelled Crabs, Scavenger beasts, Ice demon, Lizardman shamans, resource room
  • - Middle level: Vanguards, Thieving room, Scavenger beasts, Vespula, resource room, Tightrope room
  • - Lower level: Guardians, Vasa Nistirio, Scavenger beasts, Skeletal mystics, Muttadiles, resource room

While the loot players may receive from defeating the Great Olm in Challenge Mode is the same as that of a normal mode raid, the points a player will earn throughout the raid is much higher than normal. In addition, completion count for the Chambers of Xeric's Challenge Mode is counted separately from the normal raid.

Players who complete the Challenge Mode raid within a set amount of time will have a chance of receiving a twisted ancestral colour kit. They'll also have a 1/280 chance of receiving metamorphic dust, which can be used on an olmlet to allow it to metamorphose into Tektiny, Vespina, a Vanguard pet, a puppadile or Vasa Minirio. Only one metamorphic dust is required to obtain the ability to metamorphose an olmlet into all other five pets. If any additional metamorphic dusts are used on an olmlet, the metamorphic dust is used.

In addition to having a chance at a twisted ancestral colour kit, twisted horns (1/55) and metamorphic dust, completion of a Challenge Mode raid within the required time will also yield an additional 5,000 points per player for the total team points count, meaning the overall chance of obtaining a unique drop is increased should the team perform well.

The Scoreboard found in the Lobby will also now only track time records of these Challenge Mode raids.




+ Content Additions & Changes:

- You are now able to search PvP weapons on the trading post.
- Tentacle whips will no longer fully break in PvM related deaths, only PvP.
- The teleport for smoke devils on the slayer ring has been renamed from “Castle Wars” to “Smoke Devil Dungeon”.
- Crystal shards have been added to the elf pickpocketing loot table at a base rate of 1/40.
- You can no longer roll dice in the support clan chats.
- The modifications you receive from any compost, magic secateurs, donator rank, and the farming cape are now in a much more clear message when farming.
- Ultracompost has received a small buff in how many products you will yield when farming.
- Giant Seaweed harvest yields will now follow the same modifications you receive for herbs, with the base still remaining as 25.
- Herb Sacks now have a “Send to GIM Storage” option if you are in an ironman group.
- The Calquat Tree patch has been added to the Explorer’s Ring 2.
- Added Edgeville to the teleport interface.
- You can now click the “Seeds” option on birdhouses to automatically fill it with seed.
- When de-ironing from elite ironman or realism group ironman modes, you’ll be downgraded to realism mode instead of regular mode.
- Added Combat Ring imbuement to the Slayer reward shop.
- Stringing crossbows and bows are now a filtered chat message.
- You can now use cleaning cloths to unpoison various weapons and ammunition. Additionally, you can now obtain cleaning cloths from the tool store at home.
- Group Ironmen will now have which storage they opened last remembered, and the game will now use that when opening the bank.
- The Farming Cape will now add a modification to your allotment yields.
- You can now exchange Spirit Seeds for tier 5 seed packs with Jane at the farming guild.
- Added a warning when using the Fertile Soil spell with the Ash Covered Tome unlocked, but not having Volcanic Ash in your inventory.
- You will now receive a 15 minute bonus experience (1.2x) book when voting.
- You can now cook on Sulphur Vents.
- Wilderness aggression radius has been reduced.
- The Lobby at the Nightmare now has a bank chest.
- Kicking a player from a clan chat will now specify the players username.
- Added some more placeholders for GIM storage.

Collection Log:

    - Rolling a pet after you have one now correctly adds to the collection log.
    - Upon logging in, your inventory and banks will now be scanned for any untradeable items that are missing from your collection log due to bugs in the past. This includes items such as skilling outfits, pets, and void. If you are an ironman, missing tradeable items will also be scanned into your log.

Galvek, the Wilderness Boss:

    - You can no longer use rings of recoil or vengeance to deal damage to Galvek.
    - Once galvek spawns, a 40x40 area around galvek (denoted by white orbs) will become a free-for-all zone in which PvP combat level restrictions are lifted.

Theatre of Blood:

    - Removed the purple hitsplat when the vortex heals Verzik in phase three.
    - Reduced the delay of damage being dealt by 1 tick from verzik crab explosion in phase two and three.
    - The electric attack in Verzik phase two will now deal damage to Verzik (15-20) if it successfully passes through her.

Lizardman Temple:

    - Players can now access the temple below the city of Molch by either teleporting there or using one of the four entrances above ground.
    - Features 6 shaman spawns.
    - The mystical barrier doors function the same as OSRS in that the more times you pass through them in a short period of time, the more damage they will deal to you.

Chambers of Xeric:
    - Buffed thieving room, chests now have a higher chance of having grubs at a higher thieving level.
    - Fixed an issue with Olm’s flame wall lasting 2 ticks too long.
    - Fixed an issue with the Crystal Halberd not working on Tekton and Olm’s left claw.
    - Raids private storage units no longer create new placeholders in the bank when withdrawn.
    - Fixed a bug with raid parties where it could sometimes lock a clan from creating a new party until the next server update.


Donator Zones:

   - All Zones/Ranks:

    - All Zones now have a +7 invisible cooking boost when cooking within the zone.
    - The Barrel of Fish now acts similar to a Herb Sack in that you can store, claim, and send to your bank any raw fish items.
    - You can now speak to the Zaros Guide using the “Change Home Teleport” option at home to assign a donator zone as your Home teleport.

   - Regular Zone:

    - Fixed an issue with not being able to use the Furnace properly.
    - Added a disease-free herb patch near the shop.
    - Added 1 mahogany tree, 2 teak trees.
    - Added the Box of Rejuvenation.
    - Added the Crystal Key Chest.

  - Extreme Zone:

    - The Sawmill Operator has been added to the Bank area.
    - Added a disease-free herb patch north of the Furnace area.
    - Added a trading post to the left-hand side of the Bank area.
    - Added 2 mahogany trees, 3 teak trees.
    - Added the Crystal Key Chest.


+ Bug fixes:

- You can no longer sell items on the trading post that aren’t searchable.
- Fixed the amount of coins that spawn naturally on the ground. This should make the achievement for telegrabbing coins much more manageable as originally intended.
- Fixed an issue with Alchemical Hydra where it would sometimes become “stuck” or attack from long distances when it’s not supposed to.
- Fixed an issue with loading gear presets with the bank “noted” option enabled.
- Fixed an issue where your gravestone would not go away after logging out.
- Fixed not being able to store noted saplings in your seed vault.
- Fixed some titles being removed upon relogging.
- Fixed an issue where clicking an energy sphere too early or too late at grotesque guardians would cause you to DC.
- Fixed an issue where superior slayer monsters would spawn at grotesque guardians after killing either dusk or dawn.
- The Ancient Wyvern Shield will now act similar to an Anti-Dragon shield in addition to its original properties.
- Fixed another issue with Farming Patches being able to grow beyond their max growth state, causing some plants to appear dead or diseased when they were actually full grown.
- Ground Item decay in instances is now set to 30 minutes.
- Donators will now receive their “chance at an extra voting token” benefit.
- Fixed an issue with using the “empty” option on an Ectophial causing it to break and disappear.
- Mahogany sapling, Teak sapling, Ornate maul handle, Jar of Dreams, and Trouver parchment are now tradeable.
- Fixed an issue where bryophyta’s staff (uncharged) was not tradeable. For those that already have the staff, you’ll need to charge it with at least one nature rune and uncharge it again for it to trade properly.
- Cockatrices will now properly drop the unstuffed head variant instead of the stuffed head.
- Fixed an issue with being able to place your Dwarf Multicannon in your house.
- Fixed an issue with being able to place your Dwarf Multicannon on the same tile as someone else on the same tick, this also improves the set-up of the Dwarf Multicannon by one tick.
- Fixed an issue with Zamorak Brews restoring more prayer points than intended.
- Fixed an issue with Medium, Hard, and Elite Clues not rolling for a couple of rewards.
- Fixed an issue with the Cave Kraken only dropping 1 Sanfew Serum instead of 2.
- Fixed an issue with “Deposit-All” in Group Ironman storage not sending untradeables to their placeholders in your main bank.
- Fixed an issue with Dark & Dense Essence Blocks, and Dark Essence Fragments being bankable.
- If you would’ve had another pet that you already have follow you, it will now show in your collection log.
- Increased Hobgoblin respawn timers, and cleaned up Wilderness Graveyard spawns.
- When harvesting a farming plot that gives noted resources, you will now receive the proper amount of experience.
- Fixed an issue with Amulet of Eternal glories granting more in Death’s Coffer sacrifice than originally intended.
- Fixed an issue with inventory space and Skillcape perks.
- Fixed an issue with Prifddinas furnace not being able to be used to smith cannonballs.
- Fixed an issue with Guards dropping prayer and ranging potions.
- The Master Farmer in Hosidius has had enough of his morning coffee, and will now get back to work, fixing an issue with him not moving.
- Fixed issues with Implings spawning in unreachable places.
- Fixed an issue with the ladder on the top floor of the Motherlode Mine sometimes not working properly.
- Fixed an issue with Kree’arra using melee even if it was being targeted by other player(s).
- Fixed an issue with being able to give Ironmen voting tokens.
- Fixed an issue with the Mining Cape perk giving Rune Essence instead of Pure.
- Fixed an issue with Dragon chainbody sleeves clipping.
- Fixed an issue with NPCs not retaliating back.
- Fixed an issue with freeze immunity.
- Fixed an issue with NPC clipping when running.
- Fixed an issue with logout timer lasting more than 10 seconds.


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