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Up the money from thieving stalls


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I was thinking about it there is so much money in the game and you can only pickpocket 1.3k from the normal stall and 2.2k from the normal donator stall.

id say this is really low considering how much gp is actually in the game now... this should be up to 4-9k i believe.

even for donators it should be higher especially now since the 10 scroll is over 30M+

What are your thoughts about it i love to hear them.


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The whole reason the system was changed in the first place was because of the botting. Now, it is slow - I'll admit, however, it's promoted people to do a lot of other things like more PVM like slayer and bossing, and encouraging other skills to be used as money makers as well (like woodcutting and fishing). I think it's fine the way it is.

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