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Snow Cone's Infernal Cape Services

Snow Cone

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I will be doing, or rather 'attempting' to do your infernal cape for 60m.

For the time being, IRONMAN accounts are not advised to use this service because I will feel bad if I die and waste your supplies.


I recently learned this and have done only one dcb cape on my main account - so the gear requirements for this service will require a bare minimum/or close enough to what I used. 

If you already have rigour it will cost 55m.


Before you read the requirements, please check out my other service thread for solo/or mentor cox! I'm way more experienced at CoX than inferno (That one accepts ironmen)


Minimal Requirements:

99 Range

90+ Defense

94 Mage(For veng)

Dragon Crossbow/Or Acb+Chins


Karil top/Karil Skirt

A good tank shield(Crystal/dfs)

A tank helmet(Barrows)


God d'hide boots/rangers/pegasians

Ava's accumulator/assembler



How it works:

You will pay the price to me first, and I can provide some necessary gear if you don't have it. I will be funding all the misc supplies/potions needed!

If I fail, I will keep trying or refund to you if I suck ass

If you're interested, please message me ingame: "Snow Cone"



New service worker

Borrowed a tbow and returned it





Edited by Snow Cone

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