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HD Client for Zaros?

Scouse House

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Hey everyone, i wondered if it would be possible to make a HD client for zaros. I see alot of videos on people making OSRS HD clients and they look amazing.

I know Jagex has a real problem with using them with messing up there bot detection and what not, but would it be possible to make one for zaros?

I'll leave a video to the A Friend video just for reference if you feel like having a look.


FYI: This isnt the OSRS HD client that was denied by Jagex a few years ago, this one is open source from what i remember.

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I like this actually! It has been implemented by some other servers and its been a major success!

Plus, the oldschool community itself has been asking for this for a while now (a toggeable option)

So I think there's an opportunity for zaros to get ahead and try it out!


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