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Crystal Armour buff (Melee)


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The crystal armour seems pretty useless for what it originally offers in osrs which means the seeds are worth barely anything, neither is the content being used.

Thus making the Gauntlet minigame only worth doing for a Saeldor as the best rewardable unique.


Buff the armour by giving it 10% melee accuracy and damage bonus while wearing the FULL set including a Blade of Saeldor. This effect should ONLY apply if Saeldor is equipped along with it.


By adding this mechanic it would give a whole different meaning to doing the Gauntlet and turning somewhat dead content into useful content.

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The seeds are actually super useful as they can be dismantled for 250 crystal shards which is huge for both normal players and Ironman alike (Normal players can create a Corrupt Saeldor by buying and dismantling 4 armour seeds as Crystal Shards are untradeable items)


I agree the Armour itself is completely useless especially when taking into account the above information. Unfortunately like Cody said the goal is a 1:1 deal so I can't really support it.

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