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Weekend of Events 2/19 - 2/21


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Hello everyone, 

Welcome to the Weekend of Events! Each weekend the team will be hosting up to 10 events with juicy prizes to claim - the events will start promptly at 7 PM server time. The prizes for specific events will be announced once the event has started, the prizes can range from mystery boxes to cosmetics to donation tokens!

Hide n' Seek - Users must find the event host in order to win.
Jad Pet Hunt - First user to receive the Jad pet wins.
Pet Rate Boost - Drop rates for pets will be boosted for a limited amount of time.


Trivia - The host will ask random questions related to Runescape/Zaros. First person to get the correct answer wins.
Corporeal Beast Mass - Users who receive a unique drop will be rewarded.
Boosted Theatre of Blood Drop Rate - Drop rates will be boosted for a limited amount of time.

Murder Mystery Hide n' Seek -  This will be a scavenger hunt event with an evil twist. Rules will be explained prior to event start.
Drop of the Day - Users must hunt the item announced by the host.
Slayer Point Boost - Points for completing a slayer task will be boosted for a limited amount of time.


Wildy Pet Race - First user to receive any of the wilderness pets wins (Vet'ion, Callisto, Chaos Elemental, Scorpia, Venenatis) 

Zaros Events Team

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