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Pyromancer set


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The way the crate works is; 500 points you get a crate which contains 1 roll. Every 500 points after that, the same crate contains another roll. Doing it solo is arguably better, as you want longer games. Longer games equal less time having to wait for it to respawn. @III

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No support, whilst I agree with everyone else here, you can easily get 2.1m exp per hour soloing wt. However outfit pieces drop rate needs to be increased tbh, it took me 33m exp on ehcim to get the full outfit, now at 61m without any dupes, only gloves and torch and tome dupes, which I guess means the rest of the outfit is coded that you can only get one or something? But regardless taking until that high exp just to get outfit is mad. 
P.S. please buff phoenix drop rate kekw

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