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Angler fishing spot to extreme donor, Karambwan to reg donor - fishing needs to be sped up


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Title ^ - these fishing spots are fun and usually have a great comunity, currently shark is a bit underwelming - would be nice to have spots for food that are useful 


Also fishing is so slow, really really slow. Anglers at 97 fishing catch at a rate of 150-180 an hour if you paying decent attention, it's so slow. 


ty for my ted talk, pls add those spots to the donor zones

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Fishing was specifically reworked to be 1:1 catch rate of OSRS with the intention (I believe) to add events of bonus catch rates to help speed up the grind. I do like having more additions to the donor zones, but the catch rate should remain as is, or *slightly* increase it while inside any of the donor zones.

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  • Developer

You average even less anglerfish per hour on OSRS, the rate is boosted by about 10-20% on here by default. Please remember that the economy has an abundance of fish currently from the old much faster rates.

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