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AGS introduction to Zaros


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Not going to say a ton here, but wanted to introduce myself to the community of Zaros. I will give you guys some in-signt to my life and my background, and I look forward to learning more about you guys to?

My name is Nick. I am 26 YOA and my in-game is "ags". I grew up on the East Coast but have moved around my entire life to the likes of North Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, and Las Vegas. I am a former FBI HRT (hostage rescue team) operator of 5 years. I was faced with a career ending injury at 26, and have since struggled to find my way in life a little. I have a 4 month old son (Paxton) and a beautiful (soon to hopefully be fiance) girlfriend. I have a 4 year old German Shepherd (Gia) who also keeps me on my toes. My recent outlet has been playing OSRS/Zaros to keep me sane and feeling like I'm accomplishing something while rehabbing and continuing to find my next calling in life. 

I won't answer questions outside of telling you that, nor will I talk a lot of my experience as I'm under NDA. I will only talk/answer things I am allowed to, or better yet want to. 

I'm always super active in-game, and will do my best to assist/answer any questions game related. You will find me mostly in the "Support" CC, but can feel free to PM me as I am usually busy GRINDING non stop. I don't like to waste time when I am logged in, so PMing me would probably be the best contact. I look forward to meeting all of you and hope we all talk/cross paths atleast once! 





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3 hours ago, 11 said:

Welcome AGS. Seen you in game figured you to be a veteran player that's how well you fit in ?. See you in game!

Haha Negative @11 but I have 18 years of RS on and off. I know my fair share ? Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by! I look forward to playing together more ❤️

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40 minutes ago, Yennin Fett said:

Nice to meet you man. Sounds like you have experienced quite a lot in life so far, and I hope the game is enjoyable to you. Hope to see you in-game and participate in some group content like raids soon enough. Welcome to the server!

Thanks Yennin! It’s been quite the experience to say the very least. Looking forward to seeing you in-game! ?

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