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​☠️​ Wilderness is dead


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11 minutes ago, Egypt said:

Currently pking is pointless because you spend 300k-500k per inventory on supplies and barely break even if you go out to pk let alone if you even find someone.

1. The bounty hunter system is already coded in and would increase a ton of pk activity around the game and make it easier to find people.

2. Wildy slayer should have an insane buff so pvmers have a reason to do wildy slayer over regular slayer. For example ikov has wildy keys which kept the wildy active 24.7 and you always had someone to kill.
Pvp weapon drops should be added to all npcs in the wilderness if killed on a wilderness task.

3. Another thing that would be cool to see would be supply drops in the wilderness from npcs similar to dmm for example if you kill an npc you have a chance to get 5-20 noted brews/restores/super combats/sharks etc. This would make it way more affordable and viable for pkers.
The pvp shop is pointless and needs to be updated with new prices and new items.

4. A wilderness boss that spawns in single combat would also increase the wildy activity way more. People without clans or in smaller clans would be able to come to these bosses.

This would just be one step in the right direction to making the wilderness way more active then it currently is.

Burned out of killing iron man at revs XD

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+1, no reason to pk all the wildy content is just useless and wasted. on opposing teams, but 100% right ngl

a random chest which has 50 super restores as a drop is not really the pvp content people are looking for :)

server has lot of potential, seems wasted with a lack of content in wildy which is WORTH DOING

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One of the main issues with Zaros' wilderness is that it has close to nothing to offer for a regular player, thus there's no point of interest at that part of the game.

Your suggestions surely will make an increase in dangerous PvM content, hopefully it attracts people who are new to face something more risk-reward-ish.
The problem is that Zaros is OSRS based, therefore facing the same issues when it comes to Wilderness activity.

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