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Adjustment to Clue's for Ironmen [God Book Pages]


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After going over the achievements and seeing which achievements will be the most time consuming tasks to complete, i seen 4.6b EXP however that i think is a reasonable achievement & i have no issues with that as it does show great dedication.


However.. for an achievement which is completely luck based and could potentially push away many ironmen from going for the Achievement cape (T), would probably be this achievement. So my solution for this would be to make it so Ironmen don't get duplicate pages until they Acquire all 24 pages of the god books.. Otherwise we're in for a long road on top of all the other time consuming achievements we already have. 

I know I'm being arrogant not knowing if this would be hard to code but, I'm sure there are already similar systems in 07 where items you loot/given to you by an NPC are always given in a set order.


I'm not sure how much of a backing I'll get with this or if there could be a better solution without making things too easy but it's worth the shot.





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Just now, GIM Tom said:

Don't agree, you can auto complete clues and do them yourself over time, god book pages aren't rare - 4.6b xp will take longer than grinding out ham members etc - there are harder achievements than god books

Auto complete clues, if you are a donator.. Not for regulars.

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1 minute ago, Reon said:

Rest is a no-go though.


easy and meds are the best way to get god pages though? not that I'm argueing I think the 4.6b achievement is a joke (8x GIM) compared to some god books, yes its annoying but by the time you've grinded out ranger boots you'll have one or two books done, then a few hard clue items like god d'hide and random end game orni kits - you would be close to completing it

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