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Some donator benefits


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My apologizes if some of this has already been suggested..


Donators should get this:

- Boosted slayer points: 5%,8%,12%,20%,25% or something similar (Could be wilderness only or wilderness+safe zone)

- Increased chance to roll bolt special attack (Outside PVP) 8%,6%,5%,3%,2% (The % can be adjusted to your preference if you have a better idea) @ David

- COX points boost for all donators: 2%,4%,6%,8% & 10%

- Clue scroll boost for all donators: 1%,2%,3%,4%, & 5%

- All donators have increased chance of sending wilderness slayer casket into bank (safety): 8%,12%,20%,25% & 30%

- All donators receive extra block task slots for slayer: 1,2,3,4 & 5 

- All donators receive drop rate boost: 1%,2%,3%,4%,5% (Could be limited to certain things or include all content)

Before someone screams pay to win or gets a heart attack just remember it's a private server and in reality most of these are extremely weak benefits/boosts but it's still in the end something/better than nothing that gives people a reason to donate & make donator scrolls higher demand = higher value which will also make the Owners more money = more content for us players.



- Twisted horns for the twisted slayer helm could be obtained from one of the following methods:

1) 100 COX kc requirement & 20m coins from a NPC near the chambers  (untradable) / Put them on the regular chamber drop table 10% from a purple chest (Could be tradable) or then put them as 25 CM COX kc requirement & 20m coins from a NPC near the chambers (untradable) / Put them on CM drop table (20% chance from a purple as untradable)

Add the following stuff into donator store: 

1) Name changing scroll (100 credits) & 2) Raids boost scroll (same one from vote shop) also 100 credits. 3) custom donation $100 for 2 letter name. Keep the 1 letter for event winners in future

10k Zaros rank & 2500-3000 "Tesla" rank, if this is something that might be added I will obviously put my time into adding the donator benefit suggestions as well.

Also one quick fix in-game: If you're trying to type a message to someone in your friend chat while in combat the chat box will close when trying to write a message.

Thanks for having a look at this post

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