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200m concept idea?


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I personally like the idea, even the concept capes look beautiful imo. Unfortunately i think there are many people who dislike the idea of having these type of custom items in a 07 based server. 

+1 though 

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+1 Full support to this idea.

Having just hiscores does not justify grinding for that extra xp. It is a great way of keeping the player base active for the long run.

Moreover, I think having a tittle related to the 200M xp milestone should be added.

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10 hours ago, Supra mk4 said:

Sadly I don't support this idea. Adding these kinds of custom items to osrs based server is not good idea. 

If you want to play osrs, then go play osrs. 

This is Zaros here, new and well thought content additions is a perfect way of not letting the game stagnate.

Plus, osrs itself might just end up adding this things also, so why not get ahead of them already?

I kind of don't understand your point, if they didn't have max capes on osrs, would you not want on here too?

This doesn't hurt the game in any way

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