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World 3 Oceanic SERVER


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I would absolutely LOVE an Australian Server lmfao. w1/w2 are both 300+ ping for me. Would be lovely to play with less ping.

I know I am just being hopeful and it probably spreads the server too thin having 3 worlds now, but it would be great to have an RSPS that helps out Oceanic players with good ping.

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Full on Support. 

A lot of OCE players are put off playing due to the delay on the world's. I'm from New Zealand, have the fastest internet available and sit around a 250 ms delay in w1

We're pretty much restricted to w1 for any boss due to having a 400 ms delay in w2. Making instance tokens almost a requirement to do non instanced bosses...

While American and Europe have the choice of two words with semi decent ping. 

I really hope they do this. Would be one of the first rsps to cater for oce players too

+1 Obviously 



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