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Zaros Updates [30/4/2021]


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  • Developer
Good morning, Zaros!
Grab some coffee, food, and reading glasses if you have them because we've got an enormous content-packed update for you today. As always, let us know what you think of these changes below and don't hesitate to drop off even more ideas in the suggestions section here on the forums.
Completionist Cape & Achievements:
  • Completionist cape:
    • Completionist capes are the new best in slot cape. After completing all quests, having 2,277 total level, and completing all easy-elite achievements you will be eligible to purchase  a cape from Hans at home for 5,000,000 coins.
    • All completionist capes work as a normal Max cape in terms of perks, the only difference is that completionist capes also work as an Ava's assembler.
    • There are multiple variants of the cape, similar to the Max cape. Each variant is the exact same so the only differences are cosmetic.
  • Achievements:
    • Some achievements were revisited which results in either removal, re-tiering, or modifying how the achievement is given.
      • Removals include needing 4.6b total experience and getting a 100,000 xp drop from fermenting wines.
      • With the requirement of easy-elite achievements some achievements were re-tiered to better fit their difficulty.
    • Achievements were slightly reworked in the backend to allow us to hide tasks that would've previously been "auto-completed" based on game mode. Only achievements that your game mode has defined will show up in the total count and in the achievement listing.
    • You will now receive coins upon completion of an achievement tier. These are one time rewards, any additional achievements that cause you to re-complete a tier will not give any additional gp.
      • Easy = 5,000,000 coins
      • Medium = 10,000,000 coins
      • Hard = 20,000,000 coins
      • Elite = 50,000,000 coins
      • Master = 100,000,000 coins
  • Achievement Store:
    • The achievement store got a new interface for displaying the item requirements in a nicer way than the previous.
    • The store now supports an "info" section for each item, while this is not being completely used currently there are plans to revisit the store in the future to add more rewards and add the perks that matter to existing rewards.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • A new title has been added if you are eligible to purchase a completionist cape, "<name> the Completionist".
    • New broadcasts were added upon completion of all elite and master achievements.
Voting Store:
  • The voting store interface has been upgraded, similar to the system that the achievement and last man standing store use. A variety of new items have been added along with price changes to existing items, giving players an extra incentive to vote or buy out tokens from other players. We hope to continually add items in future updates.
  • Voting tokens can now once again be manually traded (use on player) to and from ironmen from any account type.
  • New Items (available to all game modes):
    • Fighter Torso
    • Instance Tokens (pack of 10)
    • Bonus Scroll - TOB Boost - Increases drop rate by 5%, lasts 2 hours. Does not stack between group members.
    • Bonus Scroll - Slayer Boost - Provides a 25% increased chance for slayer caskets, superiors, and superior uniques. Lasts 1 hour.
    • Gricoller's Can - A watering can with 1,000 charges. Refillable at any water source.
    • Pet Bat
    • Baby Badger
    • Baby Monkey
    • Rat Pole
  • Changed items:
    • Rune and dragon defenders have been added to the ironman vote rewards
    • Reduced price on magic secateurs from 20 to 15 points
Barrelchest Boss:
  • The barrelchest instance can be accessed at the church on the island of Harmony. Inside awaits a harder level 380 variant of the barrelchest quest boss on oldschool runescape. Players can either pay 25,000 GP to enter the instance or use boss instance tokens received from slayer caskets, trading post, or the online store. Barrelchest will respawn an infinite amount of times every 15 seconds.
  • Mechanics:
    • 255 lifepoints, 61 max hit (melee).
    • Similar to oldschool the barrelchest will attack primarily with melee, draining your prayer by a few points and disabling all active prayers. As a custom mechanic, players that have gear equipped which gives a total 20+ prayer bonus will not have their active prayers disabled.
    • Barrelchest will deal 25% damage through your prayer (protect from melee gives 75% protection).
    • If players run away from the barrelchest, there is a chance he will jump up into the air and slam the anchor to the floor, dealing unprotectable range damage to the player inside (up to 25).
    • Benches and other objects within the church have been removed to avoid safespotting.
  • Notable Drops:
    • Rolls the drop table twice on each kill.
    • A good source of oak, teak, and mahogany planks (in 6-15 noted quantity per roll).
    • Barrelchest anchor - base rate of 1/256
    • Custom barrelchest pet.
    • Blessed lamp (granting 25k experience).
    • Clues, coins, herbs, cannonballs.
Mutant Tarn Boss:
  • The mutant tarn boss can be accessed by using the "Mutant Tarn" teleport under the "Bosses" category of the teleport system. Players can additionally use boss instance tokens (as described with the above barrelchest boss) to access tarn.
  • Mechanics:
    • 320 lifepoints, 32 max hit (magic)
    • Primarily uses a magic-based attack, hitting up to 32. This can be negated by 85% using protect from magic.
    • If within melee range, there is a 50% chance tarn will melee you instead of using magic. This can also be negated by 85% using protect from melee.
    • Two terror dogs spawn alongside mutant tarn. Once killed, they will not respawn until mutant tarn does.
    • While mutant tarn is alive, the room will periodically drain your prayer by approximately 2 points every 6 game ticks. This will not drain your prayer while he is dead or prior to the initial fight sequence.
  • Notable Drops:
    • Salve amulet (ei) - for those not wishing to spend slayer points at the reward shop.
    • Salve ring (ei) - Increases melee, ranged and magic damage & accuracy by 20% against the undead. Does not stack with salve amulet. Useful for builds where a free amulet slot would be better over a ring slot; vorkath, mystics (cox), pestilent bloat (tob). The ring is untradeable.
    • Custom mutant tarn pet
Prifddinas Rabbit Boss:
  • Fierce, fluffy, and level 2. Go pay this bunny a visit north of Prifddinas if you dare. Requires stats for access to the city Prifddinas. A direct teleport can be found on the teleporter under bosses. The cave is single combat only.
  • Respawns once every 30 minutes. Players can "peek" on the cave entrance to either see the time remaining until respawn or the amount of players in the cave.
  • Notable Drops:
    • 1,000,000 coins (always)
    • Crystal grail (always)
    • Enhanced crystal key (always)
    • Custom blood bunny pet
Prifddinas Agility Course:
  • The Prifddinas Agility Course is an agility course available to players with 75 Agility.
  • It can be started by climbing the ladder just outside of the north-western bank in Prifddinas.
  • This agility course is unique to other courses, in that portals which act as shortcuts appear at various points throughout running the course. There are a total of 6 possible unique portal locations, and only one will appear per lap. Using these shortcuts, which are unique to each player, slightly increases the experience gained. Each lap duration is on average 74 seconds long, with the fastest possible completion time being 61 seconds. The portal shortcuts can bring this duration down by around 5-10 seconds, depending on the location in which the portal spawns.
  • Players can expect to find roughly 15 crystal shards per hour when training (the probability is about 1/3 per portal approximately). These shards will automatically appear in the player's inventory. Note, it is not considered to be one of the Rooftop Agility Courses, marks of grace cannot be obtained here.
  • Gauntlet
    • When opening the reward chest, loot will now be broadcasted to everyone in the lobby (including yourself).
    • Crystal/Corrupted Hunllef:
      • Prayers will now be checked when the attack is fired/animation is played rather than on impact.
  • Hallowed Sepulchre
    • Run energy will now be restored when returning to the lobby from any floor.
    • Floor tile traps will now give 3 game ticks of immunity to other traps (up from 2).
    • Overall Loot Changes:
      • Buffed the amount of planks received from looting by 3x.
      • Buffed the base rate for ring of endurance from 1/125 to 1/100.
      • Buffed the rate on hallowed xp books on floors 3-5 by 25%
    • Tier Specific Changes:
      • High Tier:
        • Buffed the amount of rune alchables and battlestaves
        • Added dragon arrows and dragon darts
      • Mid Tier:
        • Buffed the amount of adamant alchables and battlestaves
      • Low Tier:
        • Slightly buffed the amount of coins
    • Added an exclusive pet to the Hallowed Sepulchre; the Archpriest Spirit. This pet can additionally metamorphosis into the other four spirit knights at the player's command. Rolled at a base rate of 1/256 when opening the grand hallowed coffin.
  • Last Man Standing:
    • Required players has been reduced from 8 to 6.
  • Pest Control:
    • Base XP per point on the rewards interface has been divided by 4 (for example at 99 attack you would previously get 560 XP per point, which is now 128 XP per point). This XP given will now be multiplied by your game mode modifier.
    • Doubled the amount of gold received from winning a game.
  • Wintertodt:
    • Reworked supply crates so rarity of the rewards scale depending on your levels in various skills used inside the minigame. For those interested in seeing how your levels effect the rarity of rewards, please try this convenient website calculator on the wiki: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Calculator:Wintertodt_supply_crate
    • Pet drop rate bonuses will now apply to the Phoenix.
  • Guardian drakes and Shadow wyrms are now classified as dragons.
  • Mutated bloodvelds in Iorwerth dungeon will now spawn the correct superior (insatiable mutated bloodveld).
  • Meiyerditch Laboratories (multicombat zone):
    • Access via the teleporter under "Dungeons".
    • Contains bloodvelds, mutated bloodvelds, and crawling hands.
  • Fixed issues with bronze and red dragons in the east part of brimhaven dungeon.
  • Fire giants in the west part of brimhaven dungeon now have correct drop tables.
  • Black demons in the catacombs of kourend can now be safespotted with ranged more easily without them retreating.
  • Added a missing revenant hellhound spawn in the revenant caves.
  • Buffed the amount of grapes received from Vorkath and Zulrah to 50% of OSRS (previously 10%)
  • Added the observatory dungeon and npcs within.
  • Added the ogre enclave, containing blue dragons, ogre chieftains, and skeletons.
  • Added drop tables for pirates and monks of zamorak.
  • Reworked drop table for giant mole to be closer to oldschool. Kept some of the buffed item amounts from the old drop table. Fixed elite clues being dropped more commonly than intended.
  • Fragment of Seren:
    • Now immune to recoil and vengeance spells.
    • Fixed a bug where venoming the whirlwinds would keep Seren stuck in the healing phase.
  • Zalcano:
    • Tertiary items (crystal tool seed/onyx) will now be rolled for every eligible player (50 damage done to both Zalcano's hitpoints and shield). With this change, we've also added a possible game event for staff to run that further buffs the drop rate and nerfs the damage required to receive rewards while it is running.
    • Buffed the pet rate (Smolcano) from 1/2250 to 1/1750
  • Corporeal Beast:
    • Buffed the base rate to hit the sigil drop table from 1/585 to 1/439 (25%)
    • Defence and defence bonuses have been reduced to help shave a few minutes off of the fight time and having to constantly work on reducing its defence through special attacks.
  • Alchemical Hydra:
    • Buffed the rate for dragon throwables, tail, and leather.
  • Super restores dropped from alchemical hydra are now unnoted.
  • Added trolls north of neitiznot.
  • Construction:
    • Reduced all butler costs by 50%.
    • You can now place the jar of dreams in the boss lair display case.
  • Cooking:
    • Raw yak meat can now be cooked and dried.
  • Hunter:
    • Reworked spawn areas and locations of implings on the overworld to be more dynamic. Implings also now have a chance of spawning in the extreme and uber donator zones.
    • Added crystal implings. These will only spawn and travel around within the city of Prifddinas.
    • You can now participate in Falconry by visiting Matthias souuth of the Piscatoris fishing colony.
  • Farming:
    • Players can now make crystal saplings and grow crystal trees.
    • Added seaweed patch teleport (above ground near the boat) to the explorer's ring 2 (medium).
  • Fishing:
    • Added fishing spots in land's end.
    • Reworked success rates for numerous types of fish to be more consistent with oldschool and the level required for each fish.
  • Magic:
    • The tan leather spell will no longer switch your tab to the inventory after casting.
    • The NPC contact spell for slayer masters will now have proper dialogue options for obtaining new slayer assignments.
    • Arceuus Spellbook:
      • Players can now utilize spells from the fourth spellbook.
      • Ensouled heads will now drop from various monsters around Zaros, granting you the ability to summon them near the dark altar to kill for prayer experience.
  • Slayer:
    • Buffed drop rate to hit the unique table for superior slayer monsters by 20%. Using the default rate from OSRS, players can calculate an approximate rate by taking their game mode modifier (30-38% depending on mode), adding an additional flat rate of 20%, then adding any active game event bonuses (drop rate bonus or slayer drop rate bonus). This rate will cap out at a maximum of 80%.
    • Slayer Caskets:
      • Regular and Wilderness Caskets
        • Buffed the amount of coins by 25%.
        • Removed low-tier herbs and replaced them with higher-tier herbs.
        • Gems and herbs received will now be noted.
        • Added slayer task skip scrolls to a sub-table (along with the existing instance token). The base rate will still be 1/30, but when successfully rolled you will roll for a scroll OR token, which is why the base rates will now visibly show as 1/60 on the drop table viewer.
      • Regular Casket Only
        • Added uncut dragonstones
        • Added imbued heart at a base rate of 1/5,000.
      • Wilderness Casket Only
        • Added dragon darts
        • Added imbued heart at a base rate of 1/4,000.
      • Added a "bulk-open" right click option to caskets, allowing the player to open up to 10 at once.
    • Granite hammers will now act as a regular rock hammer in the inventory
    • Added barrows brothers and corporeal beast to the boss slayer task pool
    • Corrected the quantity of zulrah boss slayer task to a maximum of 35 (previously a maximum of 15)
    • You can now obtain slayer tasks from Duradel in Shilo village, granted you have 50 slayer and 100 combat.
  • Mystic Lava Battlestaff and Mystic Lava Battlestaff (or) will now correctly give unlimited fire and earth runes.
  • Assembler max cape (l) now gives the proper ammunition saving effects.
  • The brimstone ring will now send you a chatbox message when the effect is triggered for ignoring 10% of your opponent's magic defence.
  • Added mechanics for the abyssal bracelet.
  • Strange old lockpick (full) can now be traded.
  • Fixed issues where saradomin/zamorak brews would not reduce certain stats correctly.
Clue Scrolls:
  • Buffed the rate of masters from opening clue caskets of various tiers.
    • Easy - 1/50 (down from 1/100)
    • Medium - 1/30 (down from 1/50)
    • Hard - 1/20 (down from 1/25)
    • Elite - 1/10 (down from 1/16)
  • Thermonuclear smoke devils will no longer drop elite clues as frequently. The drop rate was not changed, however an issue was resolved that made them only drop elites. They will now also drop hard clues.
  • Implings now have correct clue scroll drop rates. They are now displayed as a fix rate on the drop table viewer and are effected by your game mode drop rate multiplier.
  • Crystal pickaxes can now be used in place of dragon pickaxes on the master clue that requires you to spin at the soul altar.
  • You can now obtain multiple clue geodes and bottles of the same level.
  • Magic axes in the deep wilderness now properly drop medium clue scrolls.
  • If you have the bloodhound pet following you during clues, there's a 1/20 chance that it will sniff its way to the last step of the clue (reward casket) upon each step progression.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Wesley in Nardah can now crush noted items.
  • The edgeville trap door will no longer mistakenly lead you to the priest in peril dungeon.
  • Added quick options "Fill" and "Check" to the barrel of fish in donator zones.
  • Reduced the cost to make planks by 25%.
  • Fixed the candle maker not giving you black candles if a player is further along in the quest.
  • Runelite will now correctly show amulet of bounty charges after the player uses the "check" option.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not use certain dialogue options like opening the shop via slayer masters at home south of the bank.
  • Mawnis burowgar in neitiznot will now sell players helmets of neitiznot if they do not have one.
  • The appendage lever north of the overseer in the abyss will now teleport players to lumbridge.
  • Players must now lockpick the door for the chaos druid tower.
  • You can now travel to entrana via the monks at port sarim, provided you are not wearing any prohibited gear.
  • Fixed ladder exiting the tree gnome village dungeon, used during the waterfall quest.
  • Reduced probita costs (both insurance and claim) by 50%. They are now 2,500,000 and 5,000,000 respectively.
  • Added missing agility shortcuts to Brimhaven dungeon.
  • The rope bridges north of neitiznot will now let you cross them.
  • Added missing options to the mount karuulm bank chest.
  • Confirmation prompts for noting/un-noting items on bank booths can now be disabled by selecting "Yes - Don't ask me again".
  • The cost for otto godblessed to convert your zamorakian hasta or spear has been reduced from 5,000,000 to 3,000,000 coins (10x of oldschool). Additionally, if you have 50% or more achievements completed, the cost will be reduced by 50% (similar to the OSRS kandarin diary).
  • Chinchompa and rune guardian pets will now show up in your collection log if you previously obtained one and didn't appear in the log.
In other news...
  • The donator benefit list has been updated to include missing and incorrect benefits. You can view it here.
  • Display-name vouchers can be purchased at our ::store
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  • Developer
31 minutes ago, Lasanyer said:

Great update @Hope. With the addidion of comp cape I do feel that the 30 day playtime achievement should be removed, I don't think that the cape should be locked by time in game. Especially since people will just afk logged in for it.

The 30-day playtime achievement is a master tier and master tiers are not required for the completionist cape.

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Don't get me wrong. Very nice updates, changes and bug fixes. However I feel like I'm not being heard when posting in the bug reports section. I certainly hope the bugs that happen when training Hunter is fixed by now. Box Traps/Net traps were bugged when I was doing Hunter this is due because of the traps that are not available when catching salamanders for example. Also when I was using books for bonus experience it didn't always show up in the left top corner showing me the remaining time I've gotten left. As alternative I had to logout and back in and even then it didn't always show up, even by showing it in the statictis tab would be really helpful.



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