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November's Farming Guide.


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Requirements: Astral Runes + Nature Runes + Earth Staff, Farming Supplies, SEEDS and LOTS OF SEEDS, some CASH for Tree Removals / Watering Cans.

First things you will need to get are the Farming Supplies, which can be bought at the Farming Supply Shop in Catherby.




PRO TIP: Make a Preset in your Bank in order to do quick Farm Runs without needing to bank and search for everything.


This is about what your inventory and gear should look like, discarding Farmer outfits and if needed, a Cash Stack to buy Watering Cans ( will go more into this later on ) and to pay to remove Trees, pulling seeds from your bank ONLY as needed.


Now, how DO you obtain seeds? There's various methods.


Method 1. Master Farmer Thieving.

Teleporting to Draynor vía City Teleports and pickpocketing the Master Farmer will yield all types of seeds


You can know which seeds are obtainable from Master Farmer with the Drop Table viewer.

Seeds you'd want to look for are HERB seeds, yes! Don't waste time pushing Allotment ( even if you believe the XP will stack over time ) there's other things you can do instead of wasting time yielding them, although if needed and if wanted, you can always push to Farming Allotments aswell.


IF you decide to push Allotments, I HIGHLY recommend doing it after reaching lvl 65 Farming to be able to get a chance at fighting the Hespori for White Lilies, as this flower will protect your Allotments.


Method 2. Farming Guild contracts.

After reaching a Farming Level of 45, you can now access the Farming Guild by teleporting to it with the Skilling teleport: Farming Guild.

What's important about this is that you can now yield 2 more Allotments and 1 more Flower Patch, BUT you can also complete Farming Contracts from Jane!



The reward is a Bag of Seeds which will yield different seeds to use!


Method 3. Wintertodt.

With a level of 50 Firemaking in order to access it, Wintertodt is GREAT ( UNSAFE ) Minigame to obtain seeds, most importantly Tree Seeds!

Wintertodt Guide.



Method 4. Birdhouses.

With a minimum requirement of 15 Hunter, 15 Construction, 30 Smithing and 1 Woodcutting, Birdhouses to obtain Tree Nests and then obtain Tree Seeds is a REALLY great method!

Birdhouses Guide.




Now that you've got your seeds, let's start!

First, you'll need to rake Weeds / pick Herbs if needed.

Second, cast your Fertile Soil spell on the patch.



Finally, you plant your seed! and that's it!




There's currently 6 places around the Map to do your "Farm Runs".

How do you get to all of these places in the whole Map of Runescape in an efficient time though?

Heading over to the Achievement's Shop in Edgeville, you can buy an Explorer's Ring ( 1 ) for 500K coins, which will give you the ability to teleport to every 'Farming Patch'!.




Now you might say, "Hey November, I don't have 500k to blow off on a dumb ass ring!", don't worry.... There's a more manual method of getting to all the patches!.


Starting with all the City Teleports.

Teleport to Ardougne, and run North vía the North Exit to the Farming Patch.



Teleport to Catherby, and run North to the Farming Patch.



Teleport to Port Sarim, and run North past the Cabbage Fields to the Farming Patch.



Finishing with the Monster Teleports.

Teleport to Sand Crabs, and run North for the Hosidius Farming Patch.



Teleport to Experiments, run Southeast, up the stairs and East for the Ectofungus Farming Patch.




And finally teleporting to the Farming Guild and using those Farming Patches.



One of the better ways to train Farming is vía Tree and Fruit Tree Seeds.

How do we plant Tree Seeds though?

You need to buy Filled Plant Pots from any Farming Shop.



Use your Tree Seeds on the Filled Plant Pot.



Use a Watering Can on your Seedling!



Wait for 5 minutes for your Watered Seedling to turn into a Sapling.

Use the Sapling on a Fertilized Tree / Fruit Tree patch




After a few hours, harvest it!.


You can pay a nearby NPC to clear the tree or clear it out yourself by chopping it down ( to obtain Roots ).


Now you may be asking, where the hell do I find ALL of these Tree Patches!? I don't even have enough Achievement Points to obtain the Explorer's Ring (4)!

Worry not, as I did not either and nobody who's achieved it so far has done it with the Ring.


Starting with City Teleports.

Teleport to Falador and travel East for the Tree Patch.



Teleport to Lumbridge and travel West for the Tree Patch.



Teleport to Taverley and travel East for the Tree Patch.



Teleport to Varrock and travel North for the Tree Patch.



Using the Spirit Tree at Home, teleport to Gnome Stronghold and travel East for the Fruit Tree Patch and Southwest for the Tree Patch.




Finally use the Farming Guild ( Level 65 + ) Tree Patch, AND ( Level 85 + ) for the Fruit Tree Patch!



Teleport to Catherby and travel East for the Fruit Tree Patch.



Teleport to Lletya and travel East for the Fruit Tree Patch.



Teleport to Brimhaven and travel North for the Fruit Tree Patch.





What I've found to be the BEST ways to level up your Farming, yet Farming only ( will be a downside when wanting to obtain Herblore levels ).

1.- Obtain your Tree Seeds and Fruit Tree Seeds( Wintertodt, Farming Contracts and Birdhouses for the most part ! ).

2.- Plants your Tree Seeds and Fruit Tree Seeds as normal, using Level 83 Fertile Soil spells to Fertilize the patches.

3.- Do your Farming Patches runs inbetween.

4.- DONE!

There's not a faster way to obtain your Farming Levels than with Trees! The amount of XP is unmatched with any type of Herbs / Flowers / Allotments you harvest.


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On 12/13/2020 at 2:45 PM, Sukiru said:

Another nice guide again @November keep them coming easy to follow and basically straight to the point I'll be using this once compost bins aren't switching my super compost into normal compost etc 😂

Thank you my man 😄 I wanna make guides based on the server's "meta" since it differs a bit from OSRS due to things not being implemented or being better methods.

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