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Zaros Updates - Ancient Caskets! [16/12/2020]


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+ Content Additions & Changes:

- Impling catching should now be smoother, and buffed the rate at which you catch them
- PJ timers have been reworked and improved, you should notice significant improvements in Last Man Standing
- If you do not have inventory space to receive the Baba Yaga pet, it will now go to your bank. If you are an ultimate ironman, or you do not have bank space, it will then go to your collection box
- You should now have a bit better accuracy when using a full set of Dharoks
- The Dagannoth Kings now have a lower aggressive and combat radius
- The Ham Joint should now be a reward on Easy Clues
- It now only costs 2,500,000 coins to reset a combat stat
- Various improvements to combat
- Limpwurt Flowers will now yield 3 to 13 limpwurts, depending on your farming level
- There is now a better chance at getting snapegrass seeds from master farmers while pickpocketing

+ Ancient Caskets
- Ancient Caskets have made their way to Zaros! In this intense and rewarding challenge, ancient caskets will randomly appear in the wilderness every 1 to 3 hours, and a race to see who can bring it out of the wilderness first will ensue.

   - Picking up the Ancient Casket will result in you receiving a red skull. This skull means you will lose ALL of your items on death, result in you being teleblocked and you will be marked on the mini-map for all players in the wilderness to see.

   - The player holding the casket can be attacked by ANYONE, this means a level 3 can attack you if you are a level 126.
   - If you die or log-out whilst holding the casket, the casket will drop onto the ground and become available to all players IMMEDIATELY.
   - If you manage to get this casket safely out of the wilderness, you may find yourself some juicy loot!








+ Other bug fixes:
- Fixed a problem with charged dragonfire shields being tradable
- Fixed an issue with players becoming stuck if they disconnect during the login process
- Fixed a problem with player saving
- Fixed a problem with auto-retaliating
- Fixed a problem with bind & ice spells not freezing out of range
- Fixed an issue with players still receiving 100,000 coins on the agility pyramid
- Fixed an issue with ultimate ironmen not receiving the Baba Yaga pet
- Fixed an issue with players being able to teleport to the Uber zone without the rank
- Fixed a problem with Cave Horrors and the witchwood icon not allowing you to receive any damage
- Ironmen should now be able to buy from infinite stock shops, a previous issue was the stock would “overstock” but the stock didn’t appear to be overstocked. 
- Fixed a typo issue with having negative prayer bonuses
- Fixed an issue with Zalcano being able to be mined when she’s dead
- Fixed an issue with Vorkath’s Head drop
- Fixed being able to add Vorkath’s Head to the Ava’s Assembler
- Fixed an issue with having infinite access to Cerberus when on a Konar Hellhound task

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Just now, Creampie said:

What does this mean?

Cerb is a slayer boss and you are supposed to have infinite access, limiting it will just not be fun I don't see the point of that

Probably means it could be killed off task before this update.

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Just now, Hans said:

Probably means it could be killed off task before this update.

I dunno I tried that and it didn't work so I'm so confused, and wouldn't they just say "Fixed a bug where cerberus could be killed without a hellhounds or cerberus slayer task"?

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