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The activity in the wilderness is constantly decreasing and I went to check why myself and the reason is the same as on RS & most of the RSPS: Not enough reward compared to the risk vs not being in the wilderness.

Revs aren't even that good cash if you compare to all those thieving bots making 4m/hour or something? Also could make thieving only 2-3m an hour.

How do we fix this problem or at least make it a smaller problem?

1) Make revs single like OSRS but don't change the mapping/rev location.

2) Make all current revenant basic loot/drops x2 & make the statuettes 50% more common

3) Make wilderness slayer caskets give x2 more money than they do currently & make it 60 slayer points per task. 

4) When killing npc during slayer task inside the wilderness you should have 1/50,000 chance to receive vls/swh/zuriel's staff/vesta spear

5) Larran's chest should give you 1/7000 chance for vls/swh/zuriel's staff/vesta spear 1/1000 for 5m coins & 1/2500 for 10m coins (Make the key drop 3%,5%,8%,12%,15% more common for donors)

6) Add a custom dungeon somewhere in 50 deep (single zone) where you can find abby demons / demonic gorillas that have 15% easier drop rate than the ones outside wilderness. Maybe something else in there too that could be better drop rate or good raw cash?

Also could consider making SWH & Vesta spear work outside wilderness so we get two new BIS that pvmers will want.


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+1 on everything besides 1 & 2


1. If you can't handle multi pking / the risk of dying at revs, don't go there. You know at all times there will be at least a few pkers there. Revs has always been a multi pking spot, not to mention this server does not have 1 clan protecting caves at all times. 


2. Revs is a great source of money (killing them). I've spent multiple hours in revs farming and have made close to 3-10m per hour. This is a good source of money especially with the chance at Ancient Emblems. Sky rocketing the drop rates by 50% would not only ruin the economy of the game, but it would also encourage clans to lock the caves down 24/7 making it literally impossible to do anything there. (Unless you're willing to pay for protection of course), which brings us back to problem 1.

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On 12/28/2020 at 4:40 PM, To Gain said:

I agree with most of the suggestion, the only one i do not agree with is the swh, i think it does need a use outside of the wildy but i would say keep it a bit weaker then a dwh.

if we're a 1:1 server  they should work outside of wildy. they were brought into via dmm and were usable outside of wildy so why are they strictly used for pvp only? honestly making them partly useless. 

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