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Zaros Updates [11/12/2020]


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Content Additions & Changes:
- Barrows brothers will now spawn within 1-2 tiles of the player like they do on OSRS.
- Slightly nerfed the rate at which Count Draynor auto-heals during the quest.
- Added cape of legends to the general melee store for regular accounts (ironmen can buy one in the ironman-only store)
- Mahogany and teak seeds are now tradeable.
- Removed chaos runes from paladin’s pickpocketing table.
- Heating tiles at Gauntlet during the hunllef fight will now immediately stop damaging you when hunllef starts to die.
- The amulet of blood fury will no longer break apart in a PvM death. It will still morph back into a normal fury during a PvP death.
- Zulrah will now be attackable 2 ticks sooner after emerging out of the water.
- You will now be prompted to enter your bank pin (if you have not entered it already) when viewing or withdrawing a preset.
- Zaros Mystery Boxes can now be noted.
- Explorer’s Ring:
     - Due to recent feedback regarding the very hard-to-obtain explorer’s Ring 4 in the achievement store, we’ve added the other 3 rings and split the farming patch teleport locations up between the four rings.
     - The cost (in achievement percentage) for each of the explorer rings are now 15%, 30%, 45%, and 60% respectively between tiers 1-4.

- Minnow Fishing:
    - Spots now properly move in a clockwise rotation every 15 seconds.
    - Corrected the “flying fish” mechanics in that once a flying fish spawns at the current minnow spot he will continually steal your fish until the spot      moves.

- When depositing pay-dirt at the motherlode mine conveyor belt near max capacity, it will now take as much dirt as it can hold instead of requiring you to have an exact number.
- Clan owners can now permanently ban someone from entering their clan by adding them to their block/ignore list.

- Wilderness Slayer Caskets:
    - Drops at the same rate as normal slayer caskets, but only from tasks in the wilderness (slayer master krystilia).
    - Comparing it to the regular slayer casket, there are 50% more coins, a full crystal key instead of a half, better herbs, and some PvP potions/resources.
    - If you die to a player and they are unprotected, they will be converted to 10,000 coins per casket.

- Goraks in the godwars dungeon will no longer target you if you have a zamorak item.
- Buffed the amount of bird nests obtained from bird houses for each tier.
- Buffed the rates for seed nests and made them searchable on the drop table viewer.
- Minions of General Graardor at godwars have had their drop tables updated to be closer to OSRS.
- Donator token scrolls have been changed to show their USD dollar amount in the name rather than the token amount. You will still be prompted with the amount of tokens each one gives during the redeeming process.
- Totem pieces dropped in the catacombs of kourend now properly add to your collection log.
- Proselyte Hauberk will no longer interfere with ava’s devices.
- All elves in prifddinas are now pickpocketable and associated with the elf looting table.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where items that are not able to be noted sometimes got lost when aborting an offer from the trading post.
- Fixed an issue where the Galvek leaderboard would sometimes not correctly display the top damagers.
- Fixed an issue where you could not unblock slayer tasks in slots 2-6.
- Fixed an issue where Basilisk Sentinals would not give slayer experience and would respawn after the encounter.
- Revenant killcounts are now properly displayed in the collection log.
- Fixed an issue where items purchased using molch pearls or golden nuggets would not show up in the collection log.
- Fixed an issue where ancient magiks could not be auto-casted with ahrim’s staff using a non-full amulet of the damned.
- The plank-make spell will now correctly give magic experience for each log.
- Overflowed clue rewards will no longer go to the bank if the player is an Ultimate Ironman.
- Fixed an issue where the standard ring of suffering would be used as a ring of recoil.
- Fixed an issue where ironmen could buy overstocked items from shops.
- Fixed an issue where the farming guild herblore patch would show weeds visibly while there’s actually something growing in it.
- Fixed an issue where birdhouses would become un-interactable or not be completed after a long amount of time.
- Fixed an issue with the trading post where the listing offers would visually appear in your personal offers after quickly switching back to the home interface from the search interface.
- Yew trees now correctly require cactus spines for protection instead of marigolds.
- Fixed issues with watered seedlings not turning into saplings after logging out. All watered seedlings in your inventory and bank should now turn into the correct sapling 5 minutes after logging back in.
- Fixed not being able to imbue the ring of suffering(r) from the PvP store while it’s charged with additional recoils.

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